You were on a school trip and were on your way back to the hotel late one night when your school bus, full of children, broke down in a lonely area. Describe what you saw and experienced as you looked around. How as the problem solved?

We had been looking forward to our school trip from the very first day in class X. Every year school plans tours for every class and it is always a special affair.

This year we went to Nainital for three nights and four days. We left for Nainital late in the night. We reached our hotel in the morning and after breakfast, our teachers advised us to take some rest.

After some rest, we got ready and gathered for lunch. After, lunch, we left for the local sight seeing. We also did some shopping from the local markets. It was evening then and our teachers gathered us for dinner. We dined at a local restaurant which was famous for it’s food. While dinning, we shared our days’ experiences with each other. It was so much fun.

It was dark when we left for our hotel where we were staying. Singing songs, we had hardly reached half way when suddenly the bus broke down. It was 11 pm and we were in a deserted place. We had no clue as to what we should do because it was very dark and we new no garage at any place. The driver left the bus to find a garage so that he could get it fixed. It was totally dark and cold too. The hills and trees outstretched on both the sides. It was an eerie feeling.

Our teachers were also worried, but they kept their calm and instructed us to remain quiet and not to make any noise, least we drew attention of anti-social elements.

At a distance of 200 metres we saw some light, for there were lamps burning. We all moved towards it with some hope. On reaching there,we saw a group friends who were camping there. They were singing, dancing and enjoying themselves around the bonfire. When we approached them, they were shocked and asked the reason of our approach. We told them our predicament.

They asked all the students to use their tents. We all had such a nice time dancing, singing and sharing some of our school experiences with them. It became the most memorable trip ever. Then maggi was prepared and everyone enjoyed their late night maggi around the bonfire. We were awake until the first rays of the sun indicated that it was morning.

The bus was redeemed and so we all bid our goodbyes to the lovely people who helped us and made our trip an exciting adventure to be cherished life-long.