You have returned to your city after spending five years in a foreign country. The city has changed during our absence. Describe the changes that have affected the life of people in the city. Give your personal views regarding the changes.

I returned to my city after almost five years. A lot has changed in these years while I was completing my studies abroad. I boarded the taxi available outside the airport. The taxi was very comfortable with AC and GPS fitted. The taxi driver spoke in English and then excused himself as he steered the vehicle to the side and answered the phone call. It was five years and India had changed considerably. My city was different. Now it seems everyone has a cell phone. The most unexpected thing happened when the taxi driver asked me whether I would like to pay by cash or card. I almost gave a jaw-dropping reaction to him.

On my way, I noticed that the roads were wide and vehicle numerous. New and improved version of motor vehicles decorated the roads. The road itself spoke of so much change. Traffic lights now indicated the time you have to wait to pass. The broad roads and flyovers with green signboards of international standard dazzled me. I could see all new DTC buses fitted with AC and of international look.

But what caught my attention was the tremendous progress made by the Metro. Every nook and corner of Delhi was touched by the Metro.

When I reached home, it was completely transformed. The walls were no longer painted by were decorated with tasteful wallpapers. Photo frames had given way to elegant and modern paintings. The rooms were spacious. The furniture matched the European contemporary style. Modular kitchen with hob an din-built microwave looked tremendous. Digital cable on TV offered numerous national and international channels to choose from. This was just too much to take in.

I also met some of my friends in the evening. They took me to the nearby Mall. As we passed through, I could see the market completely transformed. Restaurants serving fast food and international cuisines with neon lights and flashy signboards covered the landscape. I treated my friends at a restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine. Everyone relished ‘Sushi’ the famous delicacy of Japan. I could observe that not only the attitude but the tastes of the people have also changed. Five years ago, the only restaurant we used to go was Pizza hut or Mc Donald. But noe everything has changed.