You are the President of the Nature Club in your school which is hoisting the Earth Day celebrations .Write a letter to the Principal of a neighbouring school inviting the school to participate in the event. State when, why and how you plan to celebrate Earth Day.

Vivekananda Memorial School

G.T. Karnal Road, Delhi

10th March, 2019

The Principal

Queensland Convent

Azadpur Delhi

Subject  : Invitation for Participation in the Earth Day Celebration


As the President of the Nature Club of Vivekanand Memorial School, I extend an invitation to a team of teachers and students of your school to participate in the Earth Day celebration being hosted by our school.

The celebration will take place in our school ground. The chief guest and the judge for the event is the eminent environmentalist and scientist Mrs S Lakshmi Subhramanyam. She will enlighten the students on the importance of preserving our planet earth. There will be an exhibition, poster making competition and slogan writing. The best ones will be sent to an All India Level and prizes will be given.

A documentary will also be shown to the students focussing on environmental issues. Then there will be an interactive session followed by lunch.

It is hoped that the students of your school will actively participate in the event. This activity hopes to bring an awareness among the schools about the problems, dangers faced by the planet  earth and the measures that need to be taken to preserve the ailing planet.

Looking forward to a positive reply.

Yours sincerely

Sakshi Saini

(President, Nature Club)