You are a spectator at a cricket match. Trouble erupts suddenly in the stadium and witness a riot among the crowd. Give a vivid description of the scene.

Last week, I went to see a cricket match between Indian and Pakistan. There was a great rush. The Pakistani team won the toss and decided to bat.

The first few overs of the match were quite uneventful, as both the Pakistan batsmen were playing defensively. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the excitement. The long awaited excitement came at last, when one of the openers was bowled out. The next player was caught out as soon a he tried to score. Even the next four men played out very quickly -two were bowled out and the other two were caught out. However, their captain made a stand with the help of his other team mates, but unfortunately they went down one after another.

The Indian supporters started dancing whenever any Pakistani player was out. The Pakistani supporters could not take it and displayed violent emotions. They began to shout anti-Indian slogans. Some of them even threw stones and plastic bottles on the Indian fielders standing near the fence. It took minutes for the entire stadium to transform into a battle ground. The scene was so horrendous that people who did not want to indulge in this fight were pushed to take sides.

Most the spectators were young and energetic and therefore were catalysed to participate in the ensuing battle. The players tried to appeal to the crowds to subside this maddening battle but it seems the supporters were ready for a game of their own. It was absolutely chaotic to see such senseless fighting among them.  Objects were being hurled at one another, such as shoes, sticks, bottles and stones. The situation soon turned into communal riots.

The police took the players immediately to the pavilion. Many people were injured and 20 were killed. People ran here and there to save their lives. After a long tussle with the spectators, tear gas and water cannon had to be resorted to in order to control the mob. This unexpected happening left the organisers in utter shock. A few were arrested by the police. After two hours ,the situation came under control. I can’t forget this dreadful scene. I came back with a sigh of relief that I was safe.