Write a short story in which a little girl, her twin brothers and the school bully are the main characters.

Tears of Repentance

Rachel and Riya were the twin sisters. They were ten years old. They were carbon copy of each other. It was hard to tell them apart. Blessed with abundant good looks and bunches of curls on their heads, they had wonderful hearts which any parent would feel proud of. They were soft spoken and never said anything bad for anyone. They were known for their kind words and good deeds. They carried million dollar smiles on their innocent and beautiful faces. They were in fourth class.

Also know to everyone was the school was Jack – the school bully. Rudeness, disrespect, tormenting and teasing other students were his quality traits. He had a little band of supporters to boot. He was in class eight. Coward by nature, he always carried out his mischief behind the teachers’ backs. Rachel and Riya were his perpetual targets. They were subjected to all kinds of comments and ridicule. They bore it all patiently. Not even once did they retort in anger to all his jibes. Jack could not comprehend and endure their behaviour.

As Christmas was around the corner, the teacher asked all the students to indulge themselves in different tasks in order to spread the message of Christmas to others. While some wrote poems on love and peace, some made handmade cards and others packed gifts for their dear ones. Rachel and Riya got busy in decorating the little tree in front of their class. They started putting up little coloured pieces of paper on the tree. From a distance, Jack was enjoying with malicious intent. He and his supporters were all chuckles, while the duo were at work. The twins went about their task assiduously, smiling, and humming carols. From their teacher to the headmaster, everyone applauded their effort.

Seemingly, plain bits of paper, strung up on the boughs. They began to pull off the rolled pieces of paper. However, before tearing them up, Jack thought about opening the rolled paper and see what was written. On one of those many bits of paper was written – “Happy Christmas Jack. We love you. Jesus loves you too. God bless, Rachel and Riya.”

Jack’s heart melted. Tears of repentance began to flow down his cheeks. He quickly rushed off to the twins and apologized to them for all his mischief.