Write an original story that begins with the words:”It’s not my fault”, he shouted….

Misplacing of Camera

“It’s not my fault”, he shouted as he went across the opposite bank of the river in the boat. He was very annoyed with this friends, who accused him of forgetting the camera at a coffee shop.

He seemed a teenage boy, who came with his friends on a school trip. I came here because this place was a famous tourist spot. It was famous for it’s water scenery and numerous water sports besides their cultural dances and music. It was really fascinating to see how one could enjoy a whole world of entertainment here.

However, I was curious to know more about the teenage boy. Many questions, came in my mind – Whose camera it was? What made him forget the camera? Did he went to find it? Therefore, to settle my curiosity I inquired about him for the children who came on the same school trip. I came to know his name was Rohan. He belonged to a middle class family. He was passionate about photography. Another child informed me that some his friend were quite rich. One of his friends brought his camera on the trip. Because Rohan clicked beautiful pictures, his friend gave his camera to him. After every click, Rohan used to return the camera back to his friend, he did not want to shoulder any responsibility of keeping it safe. After clicking pictures in the coffee shop, Rohan placed the camera in Ankit’s hands. Ankit, however kpet it on the table. They sat there for a while and left from there. When they crossed a beautiful temple, they thought of getting some pictures clicked. It was then, everyone realized that the camera was missing. Ankit and others started blaming Rohan. Rohan felt humiliated and left his group.

I felt pity on Rohan and wanted to help him. I went to the coffee shop and narrated the entire incident. The manager of the coffee shop was a genuine man. He ordered his staff to find the camera. Suddenly, one of the staff members remembered that one of the boys went to the washroom while leaving. The camera was very much there in the washroom. I took it and returned it to Ankit. He then realized his mistake and apologized to Rohan.