Write an original story that begins with the words: “In the background I could here an awful commotion, men’s voices raised and women screaming”.

Tremulous Fire

In the background, I could hear an awful commotion, men’s voices raised and women screaming. I was at loss to understand what the matter was. I tried to ignore and sleep. But the voice was too severe. I could hardly sleep. I was so irritated that I threw my sheet and rushed towards the window. I was aghast to find that thick black clouds of smoke were emanating in the sky. I was sure that something terrible had happened.

The whole scenario was one of chaos and hundreds of people had come out of their homes with buckets full of water. they tried to extinguish the fire, but of no avail. Huge flames of fire leapt into the sky making the scene look tremulous and terrifying.

I rushed into my parents and woke them. They were fast asleep, as their room was in the rear. They were totally bewildered after I gave them the news. We rushed downstairs and joined the crowd which was besirk with shrieks and clamours. While some people were running desperately for water, some fainted due to suffocation.

On enquiring, we came to know that the multi-storeyed building was caught in a blazing fire. Short circuit was expected to be the reason of the fire. I could see a lot of smoke rushing out of its many floors but nothing seemed to be clearly visible.

The entire building was disastrously caught in fire, without any possibility of rescue and escape. Many people were caught in the building. The black hideous smoke wrapped itself around the building. The whole building was lost in a pack of miseries and cries of people shouting for help.

The fire brigade arrived and many fire tenders rushed to the spot. Water was thrown at a tremendous speed and quantity. The people trapped were asked to move to one side of the building. Slowly they were all rescued from the demolishing fire which was ready to swallow each and everything at sight.

I had never had such a bewildering experience in my entire life. It was the most devastating and dangerous live experience I witnessed.