Write an original short story, beginning with the following lines:”The water was cold. I took a deep breath and jumped…”

Irrevocable Mistake

The water was cold. I took a deep breath and jumped. There was no alternative left. The police was very close.

It was a very complicated case. I wished I hadn’t broken into this mad run. I wish I would have had the courage to stay back and explain that it was not me who killed that boy. But then who was listening? Did the Sub Inspector have patience to listen to me? As I tried to swim across the ice-cold water, needles of shivering cold darted across my limbs. If I stayed too long in the water, I would freeze.

It all began just a week ago. A new student entered the college. He wanted to join our group. Being seniors we took it as an opportunity to make him do odd things. Although, ragging was totally banned in the college, we did not obey the rules and wanted to have some fun.

We asked the new boy to meet us near an old fort late in the night. The fort was near the highway and not many people went there. Infact it was popular for its horror stories. The new boy, Raman, was from a different city and did not know much about the fort. When we reached the fort, it was already 12:30 am. Raman, was waiting for us all alone. He was looking so pale as if he had seen a ghost.

We went towards him and explained him his task. The fort had a huge water compound. He was instructed to climb up the  steps and jump into the water compound. His passive reaction and unwillingness spoilt our plan. So I climbed with him up the steps and assured him that I will jump with him. He was still reluctant. I convinced him that we all have done this many times.

As we were about to jump, I stepped backward and he jumped alone. We all enjoyed the scene and bursted into peels of laughter. But soon our laughter gave away to panic. We saw Raman’s body floating on the water. No sooner we rushed to pull him out, we could hear the blaring of police sirens. The police was on its usual patrolling and saw my friends rushing out in panic from the fort. I was caught holding the boy. I trembled with fear as the police began to approach me. I broke into a run. I ran as fast as my legs could carry¬† me, not passing, not thinking. But now I have crossed the river and ran safely on the other side of the river bank. I have now decided to go to the nearest police station and tell them the truth, the whole incident as it actually happened. I am sure that the truth and nothing but the truth will set me free.