Write a letter to the Local Municipal Corporation complaining about the malaria epidemic in your city. State the causes and suggest ways to deal with the problem.

 70, Model Town, Roopnagar

16th July, 2019

The Chairman

Municipal Corporation, Roopnagar

Subject   Malaria Epidemic in the City


As a responsible citizen, I would to bring to your notice about the breaking out of malaria in our city. Many have already been suffering from malaria and the situation is turning for worse.

Roads are uncleaned for days together by the scavengers resulting in the accumulation of garbage here and there from which bad odour is emitting always which is engulfing the entire area. Moreover the drains in our locality are not covered and they remain waterlogged. Hence they have become ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. It has thus resulted in malaria which have sprung in epidemic form in the area.

Most painfully I have to mention here that our repeated requests to the local civic authorities have failed to evoke any response from them for redressal of the pathetic situation. It is astonishing how such a pathetic attitude is meted out by them when it is a gigantic state of affair.

To improve the situation the drains need to be cleared regularly. People should be made aware about the necessary precautions against the disease and the measures they should take. Free health camps should also be set up so that the epidemic does not break out into more quarters.

I would also request you to make it convenient to pay a personal visit to this area to take stock of the grim insanitary condition prevailing here and take immediate steps to prevent the outbreak of malaria without further loss of time.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Ravi Shankar