Write a letter to the Director of a television channel complaining about the quality of the programmes telecast. Suggest ways to improve the programmes.

Flat No. 704, A-wing

Nexus Apartments

Tardev, Mumbai

13th November 2019

The Director

Colours Entertainment Channel


Subject    Deteriorating Quality of Television Shows


I wish to bring to your kind notice the deteriorating quality of programmes that are being telecast on your channel. It is surprising to note that the channel ‘Colors’ that was once famous for being thoroughly entertaining and educative has now deteriorated to the level of only family serials where often the women are portrayed as the villains. These serials are undoubtedly having an adverse effect on human relationships within the household.

In my opinion, the moral values and ethics depicted through such serials are very inappropriate. The spouses are unfaithful to their partners. Often there are illicit relationships and children born of such relationships resurfaces somewhere during the serial. These children when grow up take revenge and the plot moves forward. All this is done to provide a new and exciting twist to the story line.

The vamp of the story has a powerful role and youngsters are inspired to use filthy language, scheming and plotting against their own family members. Besides this, degradation of values, too much of wealth and opulence teaches youngsters to acquire quick wealth through fair or foul means.

Big Boss aired on your channel may be the highest TRP gainer but we encounter most of the participants using excessively foul language and verbal abuse.

It would be much appreciated if you would take note of the above mentioned complaint and change the outlook of the programmes that are being telecast. I would suggest adding on some variety in the programmes by introducing some Quiz/G.K.programme, comedies, cookery shows, interviews, and some educative programmes to make the channel more interesting.

I am sure that this letter will not go unheeded. We sincerely look forward to better aired programmes in future.

Yours sincerely

Shraddha Nigam