“Working women make better mothers than women who stay at home”. Express your views either for or against this statement.

Working women make better mothers than women who stay at home

For the motion

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. It is very true that mothers play an important role in the growth and development of the future generations. These days, there is a fight between two kinds of mothers. Working and nonworking mothers are constantly fighting and debating to figure out who is the better parent.

In my opinion, an educated and a working woman will have a more positive impact on the child and hence is more capable of moulding the density of the future generation. Now when the women are moving shoulder to shoulder with men and moving ahead in life, debating on this is like emotionally blackmailing and making them weak. It is also like accusing them that they are shrinking from their responsibility and bringing up their children well. They should not be made to feel small and that they are running away from their duty of a home maker and are only bothered about their position and moving forward in their professional life.

In the age of Apparent equality, women are increasingly encouraged to have it all, balancing career, children and marriage in the order to be seen as successful. One time you talked about the necessity of a woman to actively participate in the country’s economic growth and then when she steps out you shout hoarse that she is not balancing her home and office with the result that children are running astray.

I think it is not right to constrain and limit woman to Housekeeping and child rearing and waste the abundant potential which is within them. We should not this be stuck in tedious arguments about weather woman, especially mothers, should or should not work. What is not worthy is that it is the happiness of a woman we should really be talking about. Happier women are better women, happier wives are better wives and happy mothers are better mothers.

Thank you.

Against the motion

I totally disagree with this statement. If a woman is working outside the home, she can only feed her baby once or twice a day and that is not enough for the well being of the child.
Child learns by example and so the first school of the child is the home and the first teacher is the mother. If a woman walks outside the home how would she have the energy to tell bedtime stories and moral lessons to the child. She may not be there at meal times and the child would have to be kept in the care of a nurse. She would not be able to ensure that the child gets proper management in all important formative years.

When a woman is at home she has enough time to spend with her children not because she has less work to do but because, being at home, she is there for the child whenever needed. The children get time to share their problems, happiness fun and curiosity with their mother. She teaches them manners, traditions and Customs. The child’s best friend is its mother but if she is too busy taking care of both the home and her job how would she have the time and energy to be there for the child? Working women has to leave her child when he or she is barely a month old. She remains constantly worried about her child. Child cannot be looked after properly in her absence. As a result babysitters are hired by those, who often turn out as fraud.

Hence, I would like to conclude that done working women make better mothers then working women. If a woman stays at home and looks after her home and family, it is definitely more conducive both to her own well-being and that of her family. Event napoleon’s spoke about the role of mothers in bringing up great children leading to a great nation.
Thank you.