Very Short Questions

Question 1 : What did Patrick like to do instead of doing homework?

Answer : Patrick liked to play hockey, basketball and Nintendo instead of doing his homework. He found it very boring and wanted to avoid it.

Question 2 : Why did Patrick consider himself lucky?

Answer : Patrick considered himself lucky because he found a solution to all his problems. The little elf would solve all his problems.

Question 3 : Do you think the little elf was true to his words?

Answer : Yes, he was true to his words because he started doing his work without wasting much time as per his promise.

Question 4 : Why did Patrick’s parents wonder?

Answer : Patrick’s parents wondered because he got grade ‘A’ in all the subjects and his teachers were full of praise for him.

Question 5 : When did the elf leave him?

Answer : The elf left him when the last day of school arrived as there was no more homework to be done.

Question 6 : Write about the appearance of the tiny man.

Answer : The man was tiny in size and was wearing a woollen shirt with old-fashioned trousers and a high tall hat like a witch.

Question 7 : What warning advice was given to Patrick by his teachers?

Answer : The teachers had advised Patrick to do his homework otherwise he would not be able to learn anything.

Question 8 : Was the elf happy about Patrick’s request to do this homework?

Answer : No, the elf was not happy at Patrick’s request, but as he had no choice, he agreed to do it.

Short Questions

Question 1 : What was the little man’s reaction about Mathematics?

Answer : The elf like Mathematics and never used time tables. In fact, he never needed it. The little man did not like addition, subtraction, division and fractions. He got angry and told Patrick to sit near him and help him solving the sums.

Question 2 : Write about the reaction of the little man when he came to know that he had to do Patrick’s homework.

Answer : The little man’s face wrinkled after he came to know that he has to do Patrick’s homework till the end of the semester for 35 days. He kicked his legs. His face and expressions showing anger and disapproval. He said he has been cursed.

Question 3 : How did Patrick help the little man in dong his homework?

Answer : Patrick visited the library to get books and read them. He looked for words in a dictionary to find its meaning. Patrick was working harder and was studying till late nights. He was going to school regularly with his eyes puffed and bleary.

Long Questions

Question 1 : How did Patrick manage to score better in the class?

Answer : Patrick worked hard to score good grades in the class. He thought that the elf was helping him doing all his homework. But the little elf made him read books, look for word meanings from the dictionary and solve his sums on his own. The elf did not like Mathematics. He had no idea about time tables. He did not like addition, subtraction, division and fractions. He told Patrick to help him.

The little man knows nothing about human history and it was mystery to him. He had problem in English too. In reality Patrick was doing his homework.

Question 2 : What kind of change occurred in Patrick’s behaviour? What was his parents and teacher’s reaction to the change?

Answer : There was a sea change in Patrick’s behaviour. He became a model kid. He got grade ‘A’ in all the subjects and his classmates were amazed to see it. His teachers became happy and were full of praise for Patrick. His parents wondered and could not believe the change. He became more responsible towards his work and study. He cleaned his room, did his household chores. He was new a cheerful kid and was not rude to anyone. He had developed a whole new attitude.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : What do we learn from the story ‘Who did Patrick’s homework’?

Answer : We learn from the story that one should always believe in one’s own ability. Human beings have the potential of doing everything, but they always depend on others. Patrick was depended on the elf, but he made Patrick work hard and fetch good marks. Patrick was capable enough, but needed guidance and encouragement which was provided by the elf. One should always depend on one’s own potential.

Question 2 : Do you think it’s true that God helps those who help themselves? Give reasons.

Answer : Yes, it’s true because God cannot come for our rescue directly. We have to help ourselves. God only shows us the right path and we have to follow it with full devotion. Patrick met the elf who promised to help him in solving his problems.. The tiny man showed him the way how to complete the homework. But it was Patrick who did his homework on his own and followed the instructions. This is the only way to learn in life.