Very Short Questions

Question 1 : What does the poet think about his/her teachers?

Answer : The poet thinks that his teachers are not ordinary people. They are very special for him. His teachers are perfect and possess many qualities.

Question 2 : What did the poet wan to know about his teachers?

Answer : The poet wanted to know the schedule of his teachers and their routine after the school hours.

Question 3 : Why did the poet want to follow one of his teachers?

Answer : The poet was curious to know about the daily routine of his teachers after the school hours so he wanted to follow one of his teachers.

Question 4 : What is the theme of the poem?

Answer : The theme of the poem is to show the curiosity of a child to know about his/her teachers private life. For a small child, a teacher is not a simple person like others but a very special and ideal.

Short Questions

Question 1 : How does an ordinary person live in a house?

Answer : An ordinary person has to wash his socks, wear pajamas and live with his mother and father in a house. They watch TV and clean their nose with the little finger.

Question 2 : What kind of mistakes kids commit during their childhood?

Answer : Children lose their hymn books, leave green vegetables and throw them in a dustbin during their childhood. They also scribble on their desks tops and wear dirty clothes.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : Do you think the poet considers his teachers to be like an ordinary man? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer : The poet does not think that his teachers are like ordinary people. He wonders whether his teachers live in their houses and wash their socks. He wonders if they wear pajamas.

The poet is not sure whether they watch TV and clean their nose with the little finger like other people.

The poet wonders if his teachers live with their mother and father. He wonders if his teachers were punished for making mistakes.

He thinks that his teachers have never lost their books.

He thinks that his teachers are perfect human beings.