Think of a time when you found yourself in an embarrassing situation. Narrate how you got into that situation, how you dealt with it and the lessons you learnt form it.

An Embarrassing Day of My Life

The proverb “Pride comes before a fall” became very apt for me. My juniors held me in high regard and my classmates laughed at my witticism. I was also good with academics and managed to come in the first three ranks with the minimum of effort. The result was that I became conceited and started making fun of my classmates especially because some of my class fellows laughed at my witticism. This spurred one on and I started misbehaving when some lenient teachers were present.

This went on for few days. I had a good time laughing, joking and showing off to my admiring coteries of followers. None of the teachers had notices what I was doing because they were too busy in teaching.

One day when the Hindi period followed, our teacher walked into the class just as the bell rang. I had just sat down when the previous teacher left and I did not notice our Hindi teacher coming in. All the children around me stood up and wished her. I was still sitting and before I could get up, she saw me sitting and thought that I was trying to insult her. As a punishment she made me stand the whole period on the chair. The whole class kept looking at me, whispering and laughing. Instead of stopping the children, she asked me how I felt to be at the receiving end for once. I had never felt so humiliated in my life. One the top of it she pointed out at my hairstyle and compared it to one we see in the promotional advertisement for the candy ‘centre shock’.

Everyone bursted into peels of laughter. I was highly embarrassed. Now I realised how other children felt when I ridiculed them and I felt ashamed.

Thankfully, I was made to sit down in her next period. She made us study on our own after which she was supposed to question us on our reading. No one was in a mood to study as it was the last period of the day. Some of my friends started cracking jokes. One of them imitated the way our Sanskrit teacher spoke but in a very exaggerated manner. I could not help and burst out laughing. My teacher was so furious that she lost her temper and took me to the Principal’s office. There I stood outside the office for almost twenty minutes. To add to my embarrassment there was a football tournament in our school that day. Children from other schools were also participating. One of them happened to be my neighbour with whom I never got along. When he passed by me and sniggered, I wished the earth to crack and swallow me up.

What an embarrassing day! I shall never forget it. Moreover, I realised how others felt, when I humiliated them. I resolved that I would never behave like that ever again.