“The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction”. Express your views either for or against this statement.

“The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction”

For the Motion

Society means and organised group of people wear cultural, social and moral values find the people together. But the use of mobile phones has lowered our active social life and has become an addiction. In our Indian society, guests are regarded as called but no more to God’s visit us in the form of relatives or friends. All these social obligations are being carried out by the means of mobile phones. Our birthdays anniversaries and other such social occasions are supported by sending messages and the formality is over. The trend of sending greeting cards is now outdated as well as we feel that messages on mobile phones are more meaningful.

Mobile phones are also responsible for the deterioration of social values and commitments. Before the advent of this nuisance, people use to make out time for their busy schedules and plan trips and holidays to visit their relatives. These visits would be the subject of discussion at the dinner table and lots of excitement and enthusiasm would ensure. It would be a time to step out of there mundane in everyday life and visit a different part of the world. It would bring us closer to our relatives and friends and a sense of belonging would prevail. Nothing can replace the emotions one feels at being in close physical contact with your loved ones, but its really sad to see or that all these emotions have been snatched away and we have now all been reduced to living electronic lives where no one has a time for social visits anymore.

Socialization is a necessary process which must not be handled by the presence of mobile phones which are good only for urgent situations and necessary communications. In the words of Camille Cords Lee, “Communication does not hold people together, it is threads and textures of their values which sew people together through the years”.
Thank you.

Against the Motion

I do not support the motion, the use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction.
In my opinion, mobile phones keep one in constant contact with people they consider important. Active social life in the hectic pace of life today has been lowered by our busy schedules comma not by our mobile phones. On the contrary, mobile phones help us to stay connected with our family and friends, which ever part of the world we may be living in. In days gone by, letters and telegrams were the major means of communication. A letter sent from India to a person in the US to minimum of three weeks to reach and an equal amount of time was taken for the reply to reach. Even if one tried to call from the land line one had to use ISD or STD facilities which may or may not be working and which were prohibitively expensive.
Now the rates are solo and the connectivity so good that we can talk everyday through our mobiles, as we wish.
Moreover, it is much easier to visit our loved ones today because all we have to do is call and find out if they are home and visit them. Coordinating a party is much easier with the use of mobile phones. Whether it is reserving ticket for Railways or for the airplane, one need not stand in long queue or call an agent. It can be done easily using the Internet on the mobile phones.
You are stuck in a long place, again you can call somebody and ask for directions. Moreover parents can be little less worried about their kids by being in constant touch with them. Using mobile phones distributor our communication to make it easier than before. The more you talk the more you know how to talk and the better your communication skills become. This is applicable if you are sensible person and note of your interacting habits over the phone. Thus, mobile phones has become a crucial part of our life. It has made communication easier and quicker. It is not an addiction but a necessity.
Thank you.