The Tempest : In what way does Gonzalo stand out from the rest of the characters? What does he say to calm the others?

Gonzalo seems to be somewhat different from other royal passengers abroad the ship. He does not lose his temper, though he is panicky at the idea of death by drowning. He is calm and hopeful. He consoles the royal passengers who are accusing and cursing the boatswain. He remarks that the boatswain is destined to be hanged when the ship will safely reach Naples for disobedience and rudeness. He guarantees that the boatswain will not drown. In other words, the ship will not sink and all shall be able to reach their destination safe and sound. However, the way he makes comment against the boatswain who does not deserve such remarks shows that he, too, has imbibed in him some courtly vices like contempt for the ordinary persons. Some of his remarks are humorous. He is also religious and in an extreme situation expresses the belief in God’s will.