The Tempest : How does the conversation between the various characters bring out their innate nature in the play

The conversation between various characters brings out their innate nature. Alonso, the king of Naples, comes out to be authoritative. While talking to the boatswain, he cautions him to be careful. Then he asks for the captain. He advises the sailors to act bravely. The boatswain who seems to be self respecting and duty conscious loses his temper on hearing unnecessary pieces of advices. Like Alonso, Antonio too reveals his innate haughtiness and sense of superiority in talking to the boatswain. When the boatswain asks all the royal passengers to go back to their cabins, Antonio gets provoked. When the boatswain remarks that the passengers are making more noise than the storm and are interfering in their work, Sebastian becomes abusive. Both Antonio and Sebastian reveal their innate wickedness. Antonio unreasonably accuses the mariners as drunkards. Gonzalo remains cool-headed and tries to be hopeful. He tries to calm down Antonio and Sebastian.