The Tempest : How do you react to the tiff between the boatswain and the royal passengers ? Whom do you justify , and why ?

It is but natural that in panicky situations people lose their cool easily. However, the behaviour of the royal passengers with the boatswain is unjustified. Alonso asks the boatswain “to be careful” and “act with courage”. The boatswain feels that his integrity is doubted. Antonio asks him where the ship master is. This behaviour of the royal passengers provokes the boatswain to order them to go back to their cabins and prepare themselves for death. When his instructions are ignored, the boatswain angrily asks them to come and take over their duties. Antonio beings to abuse him, and so does Sebastian Antonio says:
“We are merely cheated of our lives by drunkards.”

Even Gonzalo, who is cool headed, remarks that the boatswain is destined to die by hanging if they survive. No one appreciates the efforts of the boatswain and his companion engaged in life-and-death struggle to save the ship.