“The commercialization of festivals has eroded there real significance”. Express your views either for or against the statement.

“The commercialization of festivals has eroded there real significance”

For the Motion

Commercialization has for reaching effects on festival across the globe. The impact of commercialization has Marred the real meaning of religious and traditional costumes.
I express my views hereafter in favour of the topic. The growing trend of globalisation has caused negative impression on age old beliefs. People tend to celebrate festivals not only as a customary practice, but also as a means to exercise their spending power. In this way, festivals lose their real significance since there in was first to spread love and peace and second, to celebrate the festival keeping in mind the reason why the festival was being celebrated. How many people today celebrate festivals, keeping in mind the religious or spiritual connection?

There are also some religious stories and incidents because of which a festival came into being, about which a majority of us are still on aware and we do not even make an effort to find out about them. The main reason for which people look forward to festivals is a holiday from work to enjoy and relax. Moreover, what excites them the most is showing off their wealth by exchanging gifts.

Even middle class people are caught up in this trap. Earlier, people would take out time to fish friends and relatives, but now people tend to feel that family gathering Andre unions have lost their meanings. Business minded people think of all these festivals as a money making opportunity. As soon as Diwali is up, the shops will be filled with Christmas trees, santa caps etc, almost 2 months before Christmas. No matter what religion we follow, every festival has significance and value, but when one commercialises festivals, that basic in is forgotten and everyone involved is thinking, what am I going to get on this festival?
I really think, children should be taught about traditional festivals in kindergarten and we should keep the valuable elements of the traditional festivals and preserve them for future generations.
Thank you

Against the Motion

I do not support the motion that commercialisation of festivals has eroded their Ariel significance.
The world is increasingly getting more cosmopolitan and secular. Many festivals which were once restricted to specific communities have assumed a pan Indian character. No doubt, this promotes national integration.
But today’s world has also opened the floodgates of the commercialization of festivals. Festival time is a boom time for opportunity seeking businessman. As the number of revellers willing to splurge increases every year, wily businesses houses come up with more ideas to cater to them and does we witnessed the rich variety of greeting cards, the plethora of speciality items related to a particular festival, the festival feast at restaurants and the festival themed shopping malls and supermarkets.
It is not necessary that everyone should celebrate the festival in the same way comma or that it should have the significance for everyone.

This depends on what is considered to be the basic in of a festival. In case of Christmas comma is it simply to praise god or is it to have a good time? Festivals in the middle of winter wear as much to banish long nights with merriment as to praise the Gods for the day beginning to get longer again. If it is simply about having a good time then commercialization makes little difference. Commercialization can even make having a good time is here as there will be more variety and festival is likely to get more spectacular.
With the changing times, these festivals are also changing in terms of the ways they are celebrated and the values which they hold through the basic legendary story behind the celebration of any such if remains the same, the generation gap can very well be noticed over here. Oldies still stuck to the traditional ways of celebration where as the youth blends liveliness to the event along with their innovative ideas of having unlimited fun.
In in my opinion, commercialization of festivals has made them all the more interesting and spectacular.
Thank you.