The children in your neighbourhood are forced to play on the street for want of a proper play area. Write a letter to the Editor of a popular newspaper, pointing out the need for a playground in your neighbourhood. Give reasons why you think a play area is necessary and point out how it would benefit everyone who lives in that area.

Flat No. C-72, Aakash Towers

Rohini, New Delhi

31st July 2019

The Editor

The Times of India

Daryangaj, Delhi

Subject   Need for a Playground in Neighbourhood


Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the problem of lack of a proper playground in our neighbourhood.

As you know children are our hope for a bright future. So it is our duty to provide them with all the basic facilities of life. However lack of playground consequently faces them to play on the busy streets, which proves to be hazardous for their lives. Moreover they have become obese and malnourished due to lack of outdoor activities and physical fitness. It is essential that every neighbourhood should have some open area, playground or park, where children can go and refresh, relax and revitalise for their all round development. They can interact better with each other while playing and develop healthy sportsmanship. It is well known saying that, “Sound mind rests in sound body”. Park can provide pure air which is necessary for good health.

Moreover, the adults can be motivated to come out and get some fresh air. They can interact with their neighbours and become friends. They can overcome their sedentary life style by walking, running, doing young and relaxing.

Hence, I strongly suggest the concerned authorities to provide a play area immediately.

Yours sincerely

Deepakshi Taneja