Siblings often grow up side by side in families; yet have very different life experiences. If you have one or more siblings and feel that your lives have been differed significantly , write and essay explaining the reasons and the effects of such differences.

‘Siblings grow up side by side in families yet have very different life experiences’ and I am no exception to it. My elder sister has been a tough challenge for me to beat right from the very beginning. Our parents often pass witty remarks about both of us and inspire me intelligently to match her academic talents.

Contrary, I don’t even consider academics as the only field to prove my talent. I am heavily inclined to sports and dramatics. To me, student life means fun and frolic with numerous activities and they train us to face the practical hurdles of life.

My sister Gunjan is very serious and sincere by temperament and hence, academics is the only religion of her life. In such terms, I have a different religion, i.e., to enjoy life to the core keeping myself happy as well as others.

Gunjan has been doing B.Sc. from a topmost institute while I am preparing for fashion designing career. My mother often objects to my choice and even warns me that such a choice hardly provides enough wealth and independence in the later years of life. In her opinion, one should be academically sound and should join such things later on. But I have been the same right from the beginning.

Whenever my sister used to pass hour after hour glued to books, I seldom looked at her and was busy playing a hockey match in the college or watching a movie show on TV. Being, a good orator, I also got a number of opportunities to anchor college programmes and hence, always succeeded in keeping myself away from the dreary books.

She used to eat hardly two chapattis and I was always bent upon to gobble her share of fruits and snacks without any botheration about what my mother said.

My father is a man of wit and really enjoys life. He doesn’t mind my being childish or different from my sister and even encourages me saying that I keep the whole house tinkling and rocking.

This a brief glimpse of my life with my sibling Gunjan. Above all, we are very good friends and I have a lot of regards for her. Nevertheless, she understands it thoroughly by now that she cannot change me and I know it too that I cannot be like her.