Relate an incident or write a short story which has as its central idea, “Advice not Taken”.

Advice not Taken

The ability to make effective decisions is a fundamental requirement for both professional success and personal happiness. A teenager is restless, keen to learn, willing to try new flavours of life and finally, aggressive in behaviour. We feel that our decisions are right and perfect and so we do not prefer to listen to the advice of elders.

Teenagers are gregarious and so am I. I would prefer to be in a park with all my friends than in Mauritius with my family. I would  seize the opportunity to be with my friends. Once my friends and I decide to go out and watch a movie at PVR. On the other hand, there was a family function that day. I asked my mother if I could go out with my friends that day and the clear and obvious answer was, No! How could I be out when there was a family event? I stood hard on my decision and compelled her to stand with it.

The difficult part was over as I had convinced my mother and did not have any pressure of missing an event. Like all mothers, my mother advised me not to go to crowded places and carry cell phone with me. We all left early than scheduled as we decided to roam around and also spend some time in the gaming centre. After spending our time at the gaming center we went to book tickets for the movie.

Luckily we got the tickets for the current show and all our seats were in the same row. But little did we know that our luck would stay with us for just a while. Hardly did the movie began, a group of men barged into the theater hall and started creating a chaos.

They asked all of us to leave the screening hall. they began damaging the chairs, lights and were creating a rampage. All of us were suddenly taken aback. Some panicked, some rushed out, some stayed in their places and some were confused like us. There was a lot of chaos at the exit doors where all of the audience started rushing out. It was almost a stampede scene.

Soon the police arrived and brought the situation under control. They took us aside and made sure that we were safe. They asked us why we had come without our parents and advised us not to go to such places without them.

Disappointed I came home and also felt guilty of not taking her advice. If I had taken my mother’s advice, I would not have to go through all this.