Recall a time in your life when you were certain about something but were later proved terribly wrong.

Learning Through Mistakes

We make many mistakes but by them we work better in the future. After all we are all human and can make mistakes.

My school used to be my home. I hardly had time for my own family. Every moment was spent in the extra curricular activities which made me the most popular girl in school.

The importance I placed upon being the most popular girl was absurd though I did not think so at that time. I felt proud when my juniors recognised me by my name and when they, with respect and admiration in their eyes and voice, asked for my advice. Even my seniors envied me. It was crucial to my popularity that I continued to win all the athletic medals, be the conductor of the school choir and be the best tennis player in the under – 15 category.

My name was associated with all these achievements. With all these distractions which took up most of my time, I did not heed the warnings of my teachers. They annoyed me when they pestered me about my grades.

As weeks passed and the examinations approached, every one spent their time in the library, mugging. I, instead, spent my hours in the swimming pool. I sat for the papers, confident that I could at least scrape through.

I was certain that I will pass the examinations but was later proved terribly wrong when my parents were unexpectedly asked to see the Principal. I could not imagine what the reason could be. My cheeks burned when I learnt that I had to repeat the whole academic year as I had failed my examinations badly.

Word spread around the school like wildfire. My name was now associated with failure. Being so busy with my numerous activities, I never had any time to make any good friends. As a result, I had no sympathetic friend or confidante to fall back on. The loneliness I felt was unbearable.

I learned my lesson the hard way. At the expense of my studies, I had enjoyed short lived popularity. I was a disgrace to my family and myself. Nevertheless, I picked up the pieces with determination. Now, I have excelled again, but this time, in the academic field. Never shall I repeat the mistake I made.