“More lessons are learnt on the sports field then in the classroom”. Express your views either for or against the statement.

“More lessons are learnt on the sports field then in the classroom.”

For the Motion

I do agree that more lessons are learnt on the sports field than in the classroom. In students life extra curricular activities empower them to make their own active decisions and also help them to gain and accurate experience, skills and confidence to read them on the path of their future.
It is truly considered that through participation in sports and different games, students learn cooperation, teamwork, leadership methods and time management.

If you consider deeply, the sports field is a mini field of life. Whatever we experience or learn here serve to be invaluable experiences to us for life.
Sports Foster friendship with amity. Sportsman forget cast and religious differences and became friendly with one another. They look upon the world as one family. Also sportsman have often to live together while undergoing training and participating in competitions. They understand one another and learn to make the adjustments for corporate life. They learn to respect one another’s individuality. In another words, thy learnt the virtue of tolerance. More ever when they go to the other countries to participate in international competitions, they are not nearly competitors but messengers of goodwill. They spread goodwill and love throughout the world.

Furthermore, young people have surplus energy and if this is fruit fully utilised, the foundations are like for a healthy society, where people are fully aware of the need for discipline, Cooperative effort, team spirit, the cult of sportsmanship, of joint devotion to the achievement of a common goal in collaboration with others. They also learn to cultivate the vital quality of learning how to work together to become not only good winners, but also good losers.

It’s simply gives us the courage to rise and fight again. Abs failure makes us tougher for the next round of fight. Moreover, the sports field naturally instructs people to play the game of life in the right spirit, which is what matters most, not victory or defeat.

Thus in so many ways to education we received and relations will learn on the sports field or more than those villain in our class rooms.
Thank you