Many areas near your school have been affected by floods. You are president of your school Social Service Club. Write a letter to the mayor of your town/city telling him/her what you plan to do for the relief of the victims. Suggest ways in which you can combine with other organisations to bring about better distribution of relief items.

Srinivas Public School

Ganjam District, Odisha

6th July, 2019

The Mayor, District office

Ganjam, Odisha

Subject   Relief Plan for Flood Victims


With due regard I would like to draw your kind attention towards complications and miseries of various areas and people. The condition of flood victims of our district is pathetic, and relief measures by the government are falling short.

Many areas near our school have been declared as one of the worst affected and the most dangerous. The Social Service Club of our school would like to focus our efforts to lend a helping hand in this aspect. Our aim is to mobilise people to provide immediate relief to the flood victims. Withe the cooperation of local NGOs we can successfully raise funds by personally visiting several educational institutions in the city, through social media and through word of mouth. Our dedicated team of volunteers would request the public to contribute whatever they could. They would also help in conducting the relief operations more efficiently.

A chamber of traders and industrialists are also with us to support and supervise the aid programmes. Teams of NSA and Scouts are also preparing their cooperation for this cause. A team of veterinary doctors is also with us to avoid the calamities of animals, birds and cattles.

I hope you will give our Social Service Club a chance to put into practice what we have dreamt of and through our joint efforts carry out the relief work.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Abhishek Awasthi

(President, Social Service Club)