A : the first letter of the English alphabet

A kres : A sharp (a musical note that is a semitone higher than A)

A mol : A flat (a musical note that is a semitone lower than A)

aba-aba : alert (a signal to be ready for action)

abad : century (a period of hundred years)

abadi : without end ; lasting forever; unchanging

abakus : abacus (a frame with small balls which you slide along wires, used for counting and calculating.

abas : abbot (the male head of an abbey)

abiotik : abiotic (not involving or derived from living organisms; physical rather than biological)

abjad : alphabet (the letters of a written language arranged in order)

Abjad Fonetik Internasional : IPA short for International Phonetic Alphabet; a system of symbols used to represent the pronunciation of words in any language.

abjad Romawi : Roman alphabet (the alphabet in which Western European languages such as English are written)

aborijin : aborigine (an original inhabitant of a country, especially of Australia)

absolut : absolute (definite and without any doubt)

abstrak : abstract (referring to something which exists as an idea and which is not physically real)

abstraksi : abstraction (the quality of being abstract)

abu : ash (the dust etc that remains after anything is burnt)

abu jenazah : ashes (the remains of a human body after cremation)

abu-abu : grey (of a mixture of colour between black  and white)

acak : random (done etc without any particular plan or system; irregular)

acar : pickle (a vegetable or vegetables preserved in vinegar, salt water)

acara : event (something that happens; an incident or occurrence)

acuan : cast (a mould)

acuan silang : cross-reference (a reference from one part of a book, list etc to another, eg crept see creep)

ad hoc : ad hoc (done when needed rather than planned in advance)

ada : being (existence)

adaptasi : adaptation

adaptor : adaptor (a device which enables an electrical plug of one type to be used in a socket of another type, or several plugs to be used in the same socket at the same time.)

adat : convention (a way of behaving that has become usual)

adat istiadat : tradition (a custom, belief, story etc that is passed on)

adegan : action (the events of a play, film, etc)

adegan puncak : grand finale (the final act or scene in a show etc, usually with all the actors, singers etc on the stage.

adesi : adhesion (the act or quality of adhering to)

adikodrati : superhuman (divine, or beyond what is human)

adiktif : addictive

adil : equitable (fair and just)

aditif : additive (a substance that is added to food to make it last longer or to make it taste better)

adjektiva : adjective (a word that describes a noun)

administrasi : administration (management)

administratif : administrative

administrator : administrator

adonan : batch (a number of things made, delivered etc, all at one time)

adrenalin : adrenalin (a chemical produced in your body that increases your energy when you are frightened, excited, or angry)

adu kepala : head-on (usually of cars etc; with the front of one car etc hitting the front of another car etc.)

aduh : ow (used for expressing sudden pain)

adverbia : adverb

advokat : advocate (a lawyer who defends someone in court)

aerobik : aerobic (aerobic exercises are designed to make your heart and lungs stronger)

aerodinamik : aerodynamics (the scientific study of how things move through the air)

aerodinamis : aerodynamic

afdavit : affidavit ( a written statement which you swear is true and which is used as evidence in a court of law).

afiks : affix

afiliasi : associate

Afrika : Afro- (African)

agak : rather (to a certain extent; slightly; a little)

agama : religion

agama Buddha : Buddhism

Agama Katolik : catholic

agama Kristen : Christianity

agama Yahudi : Judaism

agar-agar : a jelly made from seaweed, used in medicine, cooking etc.

agas : gnat (a very small, usually blood-sucking, fly)

agen : agent (a person or thing that acts)

agen ganda : double agent (a spy paid by each of two countries hostile to each other)

agen perjalanan : travel agent

agen perumahan : house agent (real estate agent)

agen polisi : constable (a policeman, especially one not of high rank)

agen rahasia : agent (especially secret agent; a spy)

agen tanah : estate agent (a person whose job is to sell houses and land; real estate agent)

agitasi : agitation

agnostik : agnostic (a person who believes that it is not possible to know whether or not God exists).

agnostis : agnostic

agnostisme : agnosticism

agresif :  truculent (of a person) ; aggressive and inclined to argue.

agunan : collateral (business property or other goods that you promise to give someone if you are unable to pay back a loan)

agung : staid (over-) serious or old-fashioned

Agustus : August (the eights month of the year)

ahli : accomplished (skilled)

ahli alkimia : achemist

ahli anatomi : anatomist

ahli anestesia : anaesthetist

ahli antropologi : anthropologist

ahli arkeologi : archaeologist

ahli astrologi : astrologer

ahli astonomi : astronomer

ahli bahasa : linguist

ahli bakteri : bacteriologist

ahli bangunan : builder (a person who builds houses etc)

ahli biokimia : biochemist

ahli biologi : biologist

ahli botani : botanist

ahli dekorasi : decorator

ahli demografi :  demographer

ahli dermatologi :  dermatologist

ahli diet : dietician

ahli ekologi : ecologist

ahli ehonomi : economist

ahli elektronika : electronic

ahli embriologi : embryologist

ahli etnologi : ethnologist

ahli filsafat : philospher

ahli fisika : physicist

ahli fisioterapi : physiotherapist

ahli geofisika : geophysicist

ahli geografi : geographer

ahli geologi : geologist

ahli  ginekologi : gynaecologist

ahli gizi : nutritionist

ahli hipnotis : hypnotist

ahli homeopati : homeopath

ahli hukum : attorney (a lawyer)

ahli kacamata : optician (a person who makes and sells spectacles and optical instruments)

ahli kecantikan : beautician

ahli keuangan : financier

ahli kimia : chemist

ahli listrik : electrician

ahli logam : metallurgist

ahli makanan : dietician

ahli matematika : mathematician

ahli mesin : machinist

ahli meteorologi : meteorologist

ahli mikrobiologi : microbiologist

ahli mineral : mineralogist

ahli nanoteknologi : nanotechnologist

ahli navigasi : navigator

ahli neurologi : neurologist

ahli nujum : clairvoyant ; diviner

ahli ornitologi : ornithologist

ahli osteopati : osteopath (a person whose job involves treating medical problems such as back pain and muscle injuries by pressing and moving muscles and bones).

ahli palaentologi : palaeontologist

ahli patologi : pathologist

ahli pendidikan : educationalist

ahli penyakit kulit : dermatologist

ahli perhiasan : jeweller

ahli pertamanan : landscape gardener

ahli pidato : orator

ahli psikologi : psychologist

ahli psikoterapi : psychotherapist

ahli radiologi : radiologist

ahli : seismologi : seismologist

ahli sejarah :  historian

ahli silsilah : genealogist

ahli sosiologi : sociologist

ahli statistika : statistician

ahli strategi : strategist

ahli syaraf : neurologist

ahli teknologi : technologist

ahli telepati : telepathist

ahli teori : theorist

ahli terapi : therapist

ahli theologi : theologian

ahli tulang belakang : osteopath

ahli waris : beneficiary

ahli zoologi : zoologist


air : water

air asin : brine (very salty water)

air bah : deluge ; flood

air dadih :  whey

air empedu : bile

air hujan : rainwater

air kapur : whitewash

air kotor : wastewater

air laut : sea water

air mancur : fountain

air mata : tear

air mata buaya :  crocodile tears

air mineral : mineral water

air muka : countenance; expression on the face

air mulut : gob

air raksa : mercury

air seni : urine

air soda :  soda water

air sulingan : distilled water

air tawar : freshwater

air terjun : cascade (waterfall)

ajaib : magic

ajaran : teaching (something that is taught)

ajudan : aide (someone whose job is to help an important person such as politician)

akademi : academy

akademis : acedemically

akal : reason

akal sehat : common sense

akan : be

akar : root

akar kuadrat : square root

akhir : close (a stop, end or finish)

akhir pekan : weekend

akhiran : suffix

akhirat : eternity (the state or time after death)

akhirnya : eventually

aki : accumulator

akibat : aftermath

akomodasi : accommodation

akordeon : accordion

akarab : bosom (intimate; close)

akre : acre

akrilik : acrylic (used about paint or cloth made from chemical rather than natural substances)

akronim : acronym ( a word that is made from the first letters of the name of something)

aksen : accent

aksi peduli : affirmative action (the practice of giving better opportunities to people who, it is thought , are treated unfairly; positive discrimination

akta kelahiran : birth certificate

aktif : active

akting : theatrical

aktiva : assests

aktivis : activist

aktivitas : activity

aktor : actor

aktris : actress

aktual : actual

aku : I (the word used by a speaker or writer in talking about himself or herself)

akuaduk : aqueduct (a structure like a bridge that carries water across a valley)

akurium : aquarium

Akuarius : Aquarius

akuifer : aquifer (a layer of rock or earth that contains water or through which water can easily move).

akuntan : accountant

akuntansi : accountansi

akur : get on ( to work, live etc in a friendly way)

akurat : accurate

akustik : acoustics

akut : acute

alam : nature

alam semesta : the cosmos (the universe)

alamat : address

alami : natural

alangkah : what (used in exclamations of surprise, anger etc.)

alarm : alarm

alarm kebakaran : fire alarm

alas kaki : footwear

alas tidur : bedding

alasan : grounds (good reasons)

alasan keberantan : objection

alasan keluhan : grievance (a cause or reason for complaint)

alat : apparatus

alat bantu ingatan : reminder

alat bantu rungu : hearing aid

alat cukur : shaver

alat infus : drip (an apparatus for passing a liquid slowly and continuously into a vein of the body)

alat kelamin : genitals

alat kelamin jantan : penis

alat kelamin laki-laki : pecker (slang; penis)

alat kelalim wanita : pussy (vulgar)

alat kontrasepsi : loop

alat las : blowtorch (a lamp for aiming a very hot flame at a particular spot)

alat listrik : power tool ( a tool that is powered by electricity)

alat memperbesar suara : amplifier

alat mesin : machine tool

alat musik : musical instrument

alat musik dawai : strings

alat musik gesek : string instrument

alat musik tiup : brass

alat pelihat slide : viewer (a device with a magnifing lens, and often with a light, used in viewing transparencies.)

alat pelubang : punch (a tool or device for making holes in leather, paper etc.)

alat pemanas : radiator ( a type of apparatus for heating a room)

alat pembakar : burner

alat pemeras : an instrument for squeezing

alat pemeriksa luka : probe (a long thin instrument used by doctors to examine a wound etc.)

alat pendaratan : landing gear (the parts of an aircraft that carry the load when it lands)

alat pendengar : earphones

alat peneliti : scanner

alat pengacak : scrambler ( a device for scrambling telephone messages)

alat pengeram : incubator

alat pengeruk : scraper

alat penggesek biola : bow

alat penghitung : counter (a token used in numbering or playing certain games)

alat pengisap : scuker (an organ on an animal, eg an octopus, by which it sticks to objects)

alat pengocok : whisk (a kitchen tool made of wire etc, for beating eggs, cream etc.)

alat penguat : brace (something that draws together and holds tightly)

alat pengukur cahaya : shutter (the moving cover over the lens of a camera, which opens when a photograph is taken)

alat pengukur kadar alkohol : breathanalyzer

alat pengupas : peeler

alat peredam : stop ( a device on a flute etc for covering the holes in order to vary the pitch, or knobs for bringing certain pipes into use on an organ)

alat peredam getaran : shock absorber

alat perekam : recorder

alat perekam video : VCR (video casette recorder)

alat peruncing : sharpener

alat reprduksi : genital (the reproductive organ of animals)

alat suntik : hypodermic (an instrument used for injecting a drug under the skin)

alat transportasis yang berdinas pulang pergi : shuttle (an air, train or other transport service etc. which operates constantly backwrds and forwards between two places)

alat tulis : stationery (pape, envelopes, pens and other articles used in writing etc.)

alat untuk memetik gitar : plectrum

alat-alat : appliance

alat-alat perang : armament (equipment for war, e.g. the guns etc of a ship, tank etc.)

albedo : albedo (the prportion of the total light striking the surface of an object, such as a planet, which is reflected from that surface)

albino : albino

album : album

alegori : allegory (a story, poem or picture in which the events and characters represent different qualities or ideas)

alergi : allergy

algojo : executioner ( a person whose duty is to put to death condemned)

alias : alias (otherwise known as)

alibi : alibi (the fact or a statement that a person accused of a crime was somewhere else when it was committed)

alien : alien

alih kode : code switching (the practice fo changing between two or more languages or language varieties, especially within a single conversation)

aliran : flow (the act of flowing)

aliran air : transpiration

aliran impresionis : impressionist

aliran listrik : current

aliran sungai : stream (the current of a river etc.)

alis : brow (the eyebrow)

aliterasi : alliteration (the use of the same sound at the beginning of a series of words in order to achieve a particular effect)

aljabar : algebra

alkali : alkali

alkalin : alkaline

alkimia : alchemy

Alkitab : Bible

alkohol : alcohol

alkoholisme : alcoholism

almanak : almanac

almarhum : the deceased

alokasi : allocation

Alquran : Koran

altar : altar

alternatif : alternative

alto : alto ( a singing voice of the lowest pitch for a woman)

altruisme : altruism

altruistis : altruistic

alu : pestle

aluminium : aluminium

alumni : alumni

alun-alun : Sq (short for Square; in street names)

alur : groove

alur cerita : plot (the story of a play, novel etc)

amal : charity

aman : safe (protected)

amatir : amateur

amatiran : amateurish (not very skillful)

ambar : amber (a hard yellow or brownish susbtance, formed from resin, used in making jewellery etc.)

ambigu : ambiguous (having more than one possible meaning)

ambiguitas : ambiguity

ambin : sling (a type of bandage hanging from the neck or shoulders to support an injured arm)

ambisi : ambition

ambisius : ambitious

ambivalen : ambivalent (unsure about you feel about yourself)

ambles : subside (of land, streets, buildings etc, ; to sink lower)

ambruk : collapse

ambulans : ambulance

Amerika : American

Amerika Latin : latin America

amerikanisasi : Americanization

ametis : amethyst

amfetamin : amphetamine

amfibi : amphibian

amin : amen

amis : fishy (of or like a fish)

amnesi : amnesia

amoniak : ammonia

amoral : amoral (not following any moral rules and not carying if what you are doing is wrong)

ampelas : abrasive (something used for scrapping or rubbing a surface)

ampere : ampere

amplop : envelope

ampun! : goodness (also my goodness; an expression of surprise etc.)

amputasi : amputation

amuba : amoeba

amulet : amulet (a small piece of jewellery which someone wears because they believe that it will protect them fro danger or evil)

amunisi : ammo (short for ammunition)

anagram : anagram

anak : baby

anak angkat : foster child

anak angsa : cygnet (a baby swan)

anak anjing : pup (a baby dog)

anak babi : piglet (a baby pig)

anak baptis : godchild (a child who has godparent or godparents)

anak benua : subcontinent

anak burung : chick ( a baby bird)

anak domba : lamb (a young sheep)

anak haram : bastard (a child born of parents not married to each other)

anak itik : duckling ( a baby duck)

anak kecil : child (a young human benig of either sex)

anak kucing : kitten (a baby cat)

anak kuda : colt (a baby horse)

anak laki-laki : boy (a male child)

anak mata : eyeball (the part of the eye between the eyelids)

anak muda : youngster ( a young person)

anak nakal : a troublesome person, especially a child

anak panah : arrow

anak perempuan : daughter

anak permandian : godchild (a child who has a godparent or godparents)

anak perusahaan : subsidiary (something that is subsidiary)

anak sapi : calf (the young of a cow, elephant, whale etc.)

anak sekolah : schoolchild (a child who goes to school)

anak serigala : wolf-cub (a young wolf)

anak sungai : creek (a small inlet, especially off a river)

anak tangga : rung (a step on a ladder)

anak tiri : stepchild

anal : anal

analis : analyst

analisis : analysis

analisis kualitatif : qualitative analysis

analisis kuantitatif : auantitive analysis

analitis : analytical

analogi : analogy

anarki : anarchy

anarkis : anarchic

anarkisme : anarchism

anatema : anathema (something you hate because it is the opposite of your principles)

anatomis : anatomical

ancaman : meance (something likely to cause injury, damage etc)

anda : thee (an old word for ‘you’ used only when addressing one person, especially God)

andal : dependable ; trustworthy or reliable

android : android (a robot that looks like a human being)

aneh : bizarre (odd or very strange)

aneka : assorted (mixed; of or containing various different kinds)

aneka ragam : miscellaneous

anekdot : anecdotal

aneksasi : annexation

anemia : anaemia

anemometer : anemometer

anemon : anemone (a small plant in the buttercup family which has flowers shaped like cups)

anerobik : anaerobic

anggar : rapier (a type of long thin sword)

anggaran : budget

anggota : member

anggota badan : extremity (the parts of the body furthest from the middle eg the hands and feet)

anggrek : orchid (a kind of plant usually having brightly-coloured or unusually-shaped flowers.)

anggukan : nod (a nodding movement of the head)

anggun : matronly (dignified and calm)

anggur : grape

angin : wind

angin monsun : monsoon (a wind that blows in Southern Asia, from south-west in summer, from the northeast in winter.)

angin pasat : trade wind (a wind that blows towards the equator (from the north-east and south-east)

angin puyuh : tornado (a violent whirlwind that can cause great damage)

angka : rate (the number of occasions within a given period of time when something happens or is done)

angkat : adoptive (an adoptive parent is a parent who has adopted a child)

angakt tangan : hand up! (raise your hands above your head)

angkatan : generation (people born at about the same time)

angkatan bersenjata : forces (the army, navy and air force considered together)

angkatan kerja : workforce (the number of workers available for work)

angkatan laut : navy

angkatan perang : army

angkatan udara : air force

angket : questionnaire (a written list of questions to be answered by a large number of people to provide information for a survey or report)

angokong : rickshaw

angkuh : grand (proud)

angkutan : transport

angkutan udara : airlift (an operation to move cargo or people , carried out by air)

angkutan umum : public transport (the bus, tram and train services provided by a state or community for the public)

Anglikanisme : Anglicanism

angsa : goose (a web-footed animal like a duck, but larger)

angsuran : account (an arrangement by which an person makes a regular payment instead of paying at the time of buying)

animasi : animation

animator : compere (a person who introduces the different acts and items of an entertainment)

anjing : dog

anjing laut : seal (any of several types of sea animal, some furry, living partly on land)

anjing penjaga : Rottweiler

anjing polisi : police dog

anjungan : bridge

anjuran : promotion

anoda : anode

anomali : anomalous

anonim : nameless (not spoken of by name)

anonimitas : anonymity

anoreksia : anorexia

anorganik : inorganic

ansambel : ensemble (of music in opera etc, a passage performed by all the singers, musicians etc together)

antagonistis : antagonistic

antar- : inter-

antara : between

antariksawan : astronaut

antarmuka : interface

Antartika : Antarctica

antasid : Antacid

antek :  accomplice

antena :  antenna

anti air : showerproof

anti luntur : fast (of a dye, fixed; that will not come out of a fabric when it is washed)

anti peluru : bulletproof

anti Yahudi : anti-Semite

anti- : anti- (against)

antibiotik : antibiotic

antibodi : antibody

antik : antique

antikarat : rustproof

antikekerasan : non-violent

antiklimaks : anticlimax

anting-anting : earring (an ornament worn attached to the ear)

antipati : antipathy (a strong feeling of dislike)

antisipasi : anticipation

antisosial : antisocial

antitesis : antithesis (the opposite of something)

antraks : anthrax

antrasit : anthracite

antri : queue

antrian : queue

antropoda : arthropod

antropoid :  anthropoid (similar to a human in appearance)

antropologi : anthropology

antropologis : anthroplogical

antusias : enthusiastic

anugerah : endowment

anuitas : annuity (a fixed amount of money which is paid to someone annually, usually until their death)

anumerta : posthumous

anyaman : basketry (basketwork)

aorta : aorta

apa : what (also what ever, used in questions or exclamations to express surprise etc.)

apakah : if (whether)

aparat : apparatus

aparteid : apartheid

apartemen : apartment

apati : apathy (a lack of interest or enthusiasm)

apatis : apathetic

apel :  roll-call (an acto of calling names from a list , to find out if anyone is missing e.g., in a prison or school class)

aperitif : aperitif (an alcoholic drink that you have just before a meal)

api : blaze ( a bright light or fire)

api unggun : bonfire

Apokalips : Apocalypse

apokaliptik : apocalyptic

apostolik : apostolic

apotek : chemist (a chemist’s shop)

apoteker : pharmacist (a person who prepares and sells medicines; chemist; druggist)

apresiasi : appreciation

aprikot : apricot (an orange or yellow fruit that looks like a small peach)

April : April

aprodisiak : aphrodisiac (a food, drink, or drug that gives people a strong desire to have sex.)

Arab : Arab (a person from the Middle East or North Africa)

arah : tack (a direction or course)

arah angin : windward

arak-arakan : cavalcade (a ceremonial procession)

arang : charcoal (the black part of partly burned wood etc, used as fuel for drawing)

arbiter : arbiter ( a person who has the power to settle an argument between two opposing sides)

arde : earth (a wire that provides an electrical connection with the earth)

area : area (a particular subject or activity)

arena : amphitheatre (an oval or circulating building with rows of seats surrounding a central space, used as a theatre or arena)

argometer : taximeter

argumentasi : argument

Aries : Aries

aristokrasi : aristocracy

arit : sickle (a tool with a curved blade for cutting grain etc.)

arkeologi : archaeology

arkeologis : archaeological

Arktik : Arctic 9 of the area round the North Pole)

arloji : watch (a small instrument for telling the time)

armada : fleet (the entire navy of a country)

aroma : aroma

arsip : archive

arsitek : architect

arsitektur : architecture

artefak : artefact (a man-made object of cultural or historical interest)

arti : meaning

articok : artichoke (a round green vegetable with thick pointed leaves)

artikel : article

artikulasi : articulation

artis : artist

artistik : artistic (liking or skilled in painting, music etc.)

arus : current (the direction of a stream of water or air)

arus kas : cash flow

arus listrik : electric current

as : axle (the rod on which a wheel turns)

asal : home (the place from which a person, thing etc comes originally)

asal-usul : background (a person’s origins, education etc)

asalkan : provided (on condition)

asam : acid

asam amino : amino acid

asam nukleit : nucleic acid

asam ribonukleat : ribonucleic acid

asap : smoke

asbak : ashtray

asbes : asbestos (a mineral that will not burn which can protect against fire)

aseksual : asexual

asfiksia : asphyxiation

asimilasi : assimilation

asin : salt

asing : alien

asisten : assistant

asisten pribadi : personal assistant

Askes : health maintenance organization

asli : genuine

asma : asthama

asosiasi : association

aspal : bitumen

asparagus : asparagus (a long thin green vegetable with a pointed tip)

aspek : aspect

aspirasi : aspiration

aspirin : aspirin (pain-killing drug)

asrama : boarding-house

asrama mahasiswa : dormitory

asrama tentara : billet (a private house etc where soldiers are given food and lodging)

astaga : blimey (used for expressing surprise)

asteriod : asteroid

asuransi : assurance

asyik : engrossed (having one’s attention and interest completely taken up)

atap : canopy

atas : upper (hihger in position, rank etc.)

atas nama :

atasan :

atau : in the name of (by the authority of)

atasan : superior (or higher in rank)

atau : or

ateis : atheist

atlas : a book of maps

atlet : athlete

atletik : athletic

atletis : athletic

ATM : ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

atom : atom

atributif : attributive

atrium : atrium (a large open high space with a glass roof in the middle of a building).

aturan : canon (a rule; especially of the church)

audiensi : audience (a formal interview with someone important e.g. a king)

audit : audit

auditori : auditory (anatomy, medical; relating to hearing)

aus : worn (worn thin)

autis : autistic

autisme : autism

auto : short for automatic

autotrof : autotroph (an organism that is able to make its own food by producing complex organic substances such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from simple chemical substances in its surroundings such as carbon dioxide)

avokat : avocado

awak : crew (the group of people who work or operate in a ship, aeroplane, bus etc.)

awal : initial

awalan : prefix

awam : lay (not a member of the clergy)

awan : cloud

awas : beware (to be careful of)

awet : durable

awet muda : ageless

ayah : dad

ayah tiri/ibu tiri : stepfather, stepmother

ayam : chicken (a young bird, especially a hen)

ayam betina : hen

ayam jago : cock

ayam jantan : rooster

ayam katik : bantam (a small variety of domestic fowl)

ayan : epilepsy

ayat : verse (a short section in a chapter of teh Bible)

ayu : babe (an attractive young woman)

ayunan : cradle (a frame of similar shape, e.g. one under a ship that is being built or repaired.)

azimat : talisman (an object which is supposed to have magic powers to protect its owner; a charm)