Introduction to Cloud Computing Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1 : Which of these is NOT a technical characteristic of the cloud?

(a) High scalability
(b) Resource pooling
(c) Resource scheduling
(d) Multi-tenancy

Answer : (d) Multi-tenancy

Question 2 : Which of the following is associated with cluster computing?

(a) Loose coupling
(b) Tight coupling
(c) Distributed job management
(d) Diversity

Answer : (a) Loose coupling

Question 3 : Which of these is a key business driver of cloud computing?

(a) Costs reduction
(b) Scalability
(c) Sharing
(d) Mobility

Answer : (a) Costs reduction

Question 4 : In which year was Oracle Cloud launched?

(a) 2014
(b) 2012
(c) Later 1990s
(d) Early 2000s

Answer : (b) 2012

Question 5 : Who proposed Intergalactic computer network?

(a) IBM
(b) Oracle
(c) J.C.R. Licklider
(d) Salesforce

Answer : (c) J.C.R. Licklider

Question 6 : Remote use of applications via network-based subscriptions is known as

(a) Cloud service
(b) Infrastructure-as-a-Service
(c) On-demand service
(d) Software-as-a-Service

Answer : (d) Software-as-a-Service

Question 7 : Metered service to access and use computing resources is tagged

(a) Pay service
(b) Utility computing
(c) Metered access
(d) Pay-as-to-go

Answer : (b) Utility computing

Question 8 : Efficiency in cloud computing is termed

(a) Energy-aware computing
(b) Energy virtualization
(c) Green computing
(d) High performance computing

Answer : (c) Green computing

Question 9 : Difficulty in locating faults is common to?

(a) Mainframe systems
(b) Cloud computing
(c) Grid computing
(d) Cluster computing

Answer : (d) Cluster computing

Question 10 : Which of the following costs is associated with the server costs?

(a) Network cost
(b) Storage cost
(c) Support cost
(d) Recovery cost

Answer : (c) Support cost

Fill in the Blanks

Question 1 : Data protection is often managed using …………………. with defined roles and privileges on data encryption keys management.

Answer : data encryption

Question 2 : The main stakeholders of the cloud ecosystem are the …………………. .

Answer : cloud customers

Question 3 : The consolidation of fixed cloud services into one or new services is known as ………………… .

Answer : service aggregation

Question 4 : ………………….. are entities that facilitate efficient and effective use of cloud services while ensuring peak performance and seamless delivery of such services.

Answer : Cloud brokers

Question 5 : ………………. makes an expansion of cloud service provisioning business globally a reality in the cloud market.

Answer : Cloud resellers

Cloud Computing Questions and Answers