India has always believed in the value of the family. Discuss the changes both good or bad, that have resulted from the break-up of the traditional Indian joint family.

The six letter word ‘Family’ is the most pleasant existence of love and affection extending the panorama of happiness and protection for all.

As the word, ‘Family’ is spoken, it creates a feeling of ‘everlasting bond’ that gains new strength day-by-day. The big family ‘tree’ of yesteryears protects ‘the flowers’ of new generation in India with sweet guidance of their grandparents and great grandparents. This has been the victorious spirit of our happy Indian family though a few cracks can be seen here and there under the stress of modernisation.

The great culture of Indian joint family is like an umbrella that protects each and every member of the family even in the worst circumstances. In an age of crime and poisonous environment, a large joint family acts as a strong protection and guides the children utmost.

It proves a wonderful boon for the working parents as their children depend on maids no more and get food and virtuous guidance even in their absence. The grandparents can easily be seen teaching the kids and helping them in their homework, etc. The best side of a joint family is the benefit of rich and lengthy experience of the elders which they share and strengthen their mental as well as financial power. Most of the business families are joint families only because success doesn’t come so soon – it takes blood of many generations.

Though the wonder-boons of joint families are unlimited yet it is a crucial fact that Indian families are ‘broken’ very soon. In the urban and metro cities alike, young couples tend to live away from their parents for the sake of ‘freedom’ and ‘no interference’. In the metros, the families are going into shambles faster.

Moreover, the lack of understanding and tolerance also uproot family tree in no time. But these reasons are temporary only and it is expected that people would realise at last that “a joint family is the best unit of a comfortable life.”