Imagine a situation in which a character from your favourite book comes alive. Write an imaginary account of a day spent with this character.

Meeting Harry Potter

I was coming back from school. It was my friend Rohan’s birthday party on the following day. It was a theme party and all had to dress up like our favourite character either from movies, books or cartoons. I was confused. I happened to pass by a shop on the way. It seemed different and so I went inside. There is one corner I could see weird things piled up together such as masks, brooms, magic wands etc. I got a bit scared and rushed out of the shop.

The tension of the birthday party arrested my mind again. As I neared the deserted street behind my house, suddenly from as if nowhere emerged this boy. He wasn’t older than me but with sparkling eyes looking at me from behind his spectacles and clothes that made me feel he came from some fantasyland. O yes, I recognised him. He was Harry Potter!! the character from my favourite Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. I could hardly believe my ears as he introduced himself and promised to spend the day with me.

Harry Potter, was full of tricks from morning to noon. He showed me unbelievable tricks with the help of his magic wand. He made the trees turn yellow, then orange and finally back to green. He made the boys passing by appear wearing girl’s dresses while the girls appeared to have grown moustaches. His funny tricks threw me in peels of laughter. Harry was a total fun. He did not like watching movies on television nor did he like playing games on my computer.

Instead he suggested that we got out. He tied me to him and we sat on his broom. His magic broom carried us up in the clouds and I had an amazing ride. After that, he made me disappear and I rang the bell of my neighbour continuously with whom I did not get along well. Whenever he opened the door he got all the more frustrated and yelled as he did not find anyone around.

When I narrated the incident to my sister, my father overheard and was furious. I was beaten up. But Harry patted me on the back and said, “Beatings are the most essential part of life, they make you feel you are a boy”. I felt proud of being beaten up that day. Evening began to set in and Harry made me taste the best of life. He appreciated my mother’s cooking with such admiration that she conjured the best dishes and delicacies for us.

As the sun set Harry bade me farewell. But before leaving, he treated me with my favourite chocolate truffle cake and also gave me a gift. When he left I opened the gift and saw the whole attire of Harry Potter, his clothes, magic wand and the broom.