Give a vivid description of the events that occur in the first scene

The first scene of ‘The Tempest’ shows a ship facing a severe sea storm and is in danger of destruction. The ship carries important personages including Alonso, the king of Naples, Antonio and Sebastian. There is thunder and lighting. The crew has started rescue operation. The captain of this ship asks the boatswain to fight the storm boldly. As they are talking and ordering the sailors, the royal passengers in the ship grow panicky and rush towards the deck . Alonso, the king of Naples, talks to the boatswain, but he is hardly respectful towards the king in such troubled circumstances. He asks the meddlesome passengers to go back to their cabins and let the sailors do their duty. Sebastian and Antonio, the two courtiers, curse the sailors for trying to save the ship. Though Gonzalo, the old courtier if fearful of sinking, he makes light of the situation by saying that the boatswain is not likely to be drowned because he is destined to be hanged. Since he is not to be drowned, and with him abroad, the ship cannot sink. But this remark does not appeal to anyone. In order to save themselves, the passengers begin to desert the ship for open waves of the sea. Gonzalo’s words at the end of the scene, “The wills above be done, I would fain die a dry death” reflect little hope for the survival. Gonzalo’s speech at the end of the scene shows that the ship will sink and all the passengers on board will perish.