Future of the Cloud (FoC)

The FoC is the one envisioned to encapsulated both on-premise compute and cloud-based software products as a single entity with greater scalability and flexibility balance between cloud, private data center control and security.

FoC is further described as a standard architecture that leverages on technologies for seamless on-demand availability of software infrastructure, network segmentation, data management, authentication, encryption and data integrity over several public clouds.

A multi-cloud operational mode has a promising future ahead which will have the capacity to avoid lock-in to a single provider.

Future clouds are expected to make ubiquitous computing a reality and experience proliferation of consolidated applications communicating together and with the environment.

Tech Funnel envisages an expanded growth in cloud services solutions, increased storage capacity and enhanced internet quality. It is also believed that future cloud will leverage on serverless computing technologies to provide more resilient architectural patterns.

The factors driving the future of cloud computing are as follows:

Defining and comparing services : A consolidated definition language explicitly exhibiting the functional and non-functional cloud service characteristics, including the standardized service benchmarks to help customers in the decision making process on which provider to choose.

Enabling the next generation data centers : The cloud-enabled infrastructure for the next generation FoC is expected to be adaptive, configurable, open and flexible.

Managing a hybrid world : Hybrid integration of on- and -off premise services of the clouds is part of the expectation of FoC. It is expected to offer agility and greater choice to the customers. Increasingly agile cloud computing services is expected to seamlessly grow new capabilities that can help achieve organizational objectives.

Hybrid cloud environments address complex management challenges to gain and maintain control over cloud resources that are external to their resource limitation.

Everything as a service : Future cloud tends to offer everything as a service. Influx of open source composable solutions and services, which can be integrated with an application, to solve a computational problem, will become trending in the near future.