Essay on When I Was Confined To The House

When I Was Confined To The House

I had planned a lot of things to be done during the vacations. I had made a list too. I was much excited about my visits to my grandparents and the swimming classes with my friends. I had enrolled myself in other outdoor activities too.

In the first week itself, I was down with fever so I did not go for swimming classes. The next morning, when I got up, I saw some rashes all over my body. I rushed to my mother. She examined me and immediately understood that I had been infected with chickenpox. She took me to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor confirmed that it was the chickenpox. He said that what I needed was complete rest. He gave me a medical certificate and prescribed some medicines to keep the fever down.

I had to stay in the house for two weeks. This meant that I was confined to my house as chickenpox is infectious. If a person comes in contact with an infected person, there are chances that he will also acquire chickenpox. Thus the disease keeps spreading.

To make matters worse, I began to get fever attacks. My mother had to give me high doses of medicines. Once when I had a look in the mirror, I saw that my face was looking ugly. Red blisters covered the whole face. I wondered if I would ret rid of the scars ever.

Therefore, I stayed in the house and did nothing. Nobody came to visit me. I was forbidden from visiting others. It was customary to remain out of sight when one had chickenpox. I had no choice but to obey what the doctor had said.

In the house, I kept thinking that my friends would be having fun. I was missing my swimming classes. In the evening, I could hear the children playing in the park. This made me feel helpless.

We also had to postpone our trip to Shimla to visit my grandparents. I felt bad for all of us. It was getting tougher for me to pass the time sitting idle. There was restriction on my diet also so I couldn’t eat any spicy food. I couldn’t read as it would strain my eyes during fever. It felt boring watching television the whole day. There was nothing that I could keep myself occupied with.

For two weeks, I remained confined to the house. At the end of the period, the scars started disappearing. My temperature also remained normal and I did not have fever anymore. I was glad my enforced stay in the house was over. I thanked God that I had managed to come out of such a situation and prayed that it should not happen to anybody.