Essay on Traffic Accidents

Traffic Accidents

Accidents occurring in traffic claim millions of lives every year throughout the world. India has a high rate of traffic accidents that have seen the loss of many lives and property. A number of reasons contribute to the high incidence of fatalities that happen on Indian roads.

With a spurt in vehicular traffic in recent years, the possibility of accidents has further widened. Indian traffic is a highly disorganized system, especially in smaller towns and cities which are not well regulated. Highways are also potential areas of serious accidents as the speed limits are more relaxed compared to streets in the city. The causes for accidents are many. Gross negligence of road rules, lack of compliance to road safety and flouting the traffic guidelines are the reasons for the vast number of accidents that occur every day.

Jumping signals, cutting corners, overtaking and rash driving leads to collisions. Crossing the speed limit and reckless driving are often the causes for cars and bikes smashing into poles, road dividers, trees or animals. Unauthorized driving licences given to underage drivers affects thousand as youngsters are not mature or sensible enough to drive in a busy thoroughfare. Intoxicated and inebriated drivers pose great harm to the safety of others because of their lack of control over the vehicle.

Road rules should be taught right from childhood. Children should be taught to use only the zebra crossing when the signal is red. Drivers who disregard the traffic signals should be fined appropriately. Wearing of helmets and seat belts should be made compulsory as they can be lifesaving in times of serious accidents. Any driving that is done under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be checked. Violators of traffic rules should be punished and licences revoked for serious offences. Advertising campaigns that promote road safety with catchy mottoes, like ‘Speed thrills, but kills’ can grab the attention of the people on the road.

Most of these accidents can be avoided if road rules are followed. We should be alert and adhere to traffic regulations while driving and remember that safe driving ensures the safety of our own lives and that of others.