Essay on Time is Precious

Time is Precious

We begin a new chapter with the dawn of every new day, and each day brings us twenty four blank hours that are at out disposal. Time is the only factor that is common to everyone. Each of us has the same amount of time allotted to us each day and it is up to us whether we utilize it or misuse it. The only reason why time is deemed precious is because time that has passed away can never be brought back.

Like good health, the value of time too is often not realized until it is lost. There is an adage that says, ‘Time and tide wait for no man’. Students especially are regularly remined not to waste time but this advice mostly falls on deaf ears. It is not until it is too late that they realize the efficacy of this statement. Procrastination is a common disease not only for students but for everyone. We put off doing things believing there is a lot of time before a task needs to be done. Very often, it is only when the time nears for the task or an examination that we pull up our socks and try to make up for lost time. This attitude results in anxiety, last minute hurried preparations and fear of not performing to our full potential.

We have to understand that the past is beyond recovery. It is only the present that is in our hands. Therefore, we have to keep track of time and use the day to the fullest. We should be sensible enough to decide how much time needs to be devoted for each activity in our lives. If we spend too many ours in front of television instead of reading books, precious time goes down the drain. Hence, it is essential to make a time table for the spare time we have and adhere to it strictly. People who know the value of time and use it the right way are always rewarded.

No matter what the denomination, every second of time is precious. Let us realize the importance of time in our lives before it is too late.