Essay on The Last Day of the Examination

‘Hurrah!’ today is the very last day of my examination and once it is over, for a time, I shall be free like a bird, doing things as I wish. This was the uppermost thought that occupied my mind as I opened my eyes with the crack of dawn.

Soon the reality dawned on me that the examinations of two very tough subjects, English and Mathematics, were still hanging over my shoulders. As the fear of the examination gripped me, I leapt out of bed and sat down with my books for some revision.

Once I became buried in my books, I thought of nothing else besides the impending tests. I went on with my preparation. While getting ready for my school, a nervousness gripped me and I had no mind to eat anything. It seemed to me that I was forgetting everything that I had learnt.

I started panicking and grasped at my books, cursing the examination. During this time no other thought occupied my mind except how to fare well in the examination. As I reached the school, confident faces of bright students made me lose my confidence in my own abilities.

Tears began to assail me – Shall I be able to answer all the questions? Shall I be able to write to the point, tackle the paper well? What will I do if I find my question paper full of those questions that I have not prepared so well? My position was, to quote Hamlet, “to be or not to be”.

Anyway, in the Examination Hall I held the question paper with shaky hands and thumping heart. As I glanced through the paper, lo! What joy! It seemed all the questions were set according to my choice. I was no more worried. I took up my pen and started writing hurriedly.

The first examination being over, I started gaining back my confidence. All nervousness vanished. In the next paper also I fared well. After submitting the paper I came out of the hall smiling. The prolonged period of fear, tension, worries – all that was over! How glad I was! No hurry to go home and start mugging for another examination.

I saw my friends come out of the hall and they possessed the same feelings. We started chatting and laughing freely. After a time, as I reached home, I just threw my bag carelessly, as if I had won the world. I ran, sang, danced and what not! No more studies, at least, for the time being.

I was free to play, sing, read story books, watch my favourite TV channels, play computer games and act according to my whims. Nobody would scold me for not studying or for wasting time. I felt elated. After having my food, I dressed and went out to play. Returning home I decided to sleep for a while before watching my favourite TV programs.

Having slept so little all these examination days, sleep hung heavy on my eyes. I lay down for a little while trying to sleep. But oh, where has my sleep gone? During all these days, when I needed to study, sleep overpowered me and, sometimes, with my books in my hands I would nod off to sleep.

Now it was futile trying to sleep. Getting out of my bed, I sat at my computer. But that too I did not enjoy for long. I got up from my seat and switched on the TV. Now, having endless free time, I just could not decide what to do. I failed to realise how to best make use of my time. I rang up my friend who requested me to go over to his house.

Since it was already night and I was really tired too, I decided not to go. For some time I sat chatting with my parents. Finally I took my dinner. My mother had prepared mouthwatering dishes, knowing that I had not eaten properly during my examination days. I highly enjoyed those finger-licking delicacies as, after a long time, I was free of tension.

Then I retired to my bed in a happy mood. My last day of the examination was filled with conflicting emotions and thoughts, of hopes and fears on one side, and joy and relaxation on the other. The first half of the day kept me occupied with my studies and my examinations.

I was tensed and perturbed. Once the examination was over, I felt that I am breathing fresh air after a long time. I did not have to remain confined with my books for some days.

Had there been no examination, I would have failed to experience the joys of the last day of the examination once it was over. Indeed, life is a mixed bag of varied experiences.