Essay on The Importance of Hobbies

The Importance of Hobbies

Students spend most of their time in schools and tuition classes. The time that is not dedicated to studying is the only leisure that students get. Any pleasurable activity that they indulge in during this time, is called a hobby. Developing a hobby is essential for every student as it gives an edge to their personality.

It is not out of duty but pleasure that we cultivate hobbies. Whatever we enjoy to do becomes our favourite pastime or hobby. Hobbes can be of different kinds. Reading books, playing games, collecting coins or stamps, gardening, any physical activity like walking or running, singing or even acting – all can be counted as hobbies. Hobbies give us a lot of satisfaction , happiness and pleasure as we are really interested in doing that activity and have lots of fun indulging in it.

There are many advantages of having a hobby. First and foremost, it makes a person multidimensional. It makes a person talented in different fields, but in varying degrees. Hobbies help in developing new skills which can also be honed to perfection. We often see people who have hobbies like singing or designing, finally pursue a career in those fields. They also end up being quite successful as any work that is done with a passion and wholehearted interest is always done well.

Hobbies also act as stressbusters. When the pressure of studies or work becomes unbearable, spending an hour doing our favourite activity not only refreshes us but gets us back on track. Every hobby has something to offer. Reading gives one knowledge, painting increases our dexterity, playing games helps us become mentally alert, active and physically fit. The kind of hobbies we like can also tell a lot about us because our likes are influenced by our innate personality. Therefore, hobbies are also key in defining a person.

Whatever the activity that excites us or gives us immense pleasure, let us try to cultivate it and regularly perform it. Let us not forget to give due importance to our hobbies because we can never predict when a hobby might end up as a chosen profession.