Essay on The Book That I Like to Read Again and Again

The Book That I Like to Read Again and Again

Books have always held a special appeal for me. Even during the vacation, when life is not bogged down by studies, I find joy in spending time with a variety of books. I regard them as my best friends.

“My never failing friends are they,
With whom I converse day by day”.

Being an avid reader, I have read quite a number of books. Many of them, I like to read a second time, but the only book that I like to read over and over again, is Joanne Kathleen Rowing’s ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ published in 1997. Harry Potter books have become an extremely popular exciting series. This books is the first of the seven books comprising the Harry Potter saga and is Rowling’s debut novel.

The moment I saw the book at the bookstore, I bought it, rushed home and finished it in one go. The book gave me a rare unspoiled delight from the first page onwards. The story is about a young , likeable and bespectacled boy wizard who discovers his magical heritage as he makes close friends and a few enemies at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The boy wizard Harry copes with extraordinary powers and, often , alarming circumstances in which he finds himself. Lord Voldemort, the most evil wizard of the country, kills Harry’s parents. Harry survives the ordeal by being rescued by Hagrid, the gamekeeper of the Hogwarts School. Harry is brought up by his aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, who mistreat him for eleven years. Then a mysterious letter arrives for Harry regarding his admission to the Hogwarts School. Harry somehow manages to reach the school by Hogwarts Express.

Post his admission to the school, many adventures take place there, like, the competition of Quidditch, a game played in November, in which Harry’s group Griffindors win. Voldemort’s target is to get the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of Life, made by Nicolas Flannel, for which he killed Harry’s parents. He then comes back to Harry’s school to confront Harry.

He knows that the stone is stored in Harry’s school. In the end, it is seem that the stone is suddenly found in Harry’s pocket, which puts him in great danger. Harry’s friends Ron and Hermione save him from Voldemort. Harry’s mentor Dumbledore also plays his part and finally the stone disappears again.

The story is a fanciful imagination of the author executed masterfully. It consists of goblins, wizards, witches and magic. The adventures of Harry Potter and the presence of dragons, half-breeds, trolls, school teachers and friends, all represented together in discord and harmony, keep me spell-bound. As I continue reading the book, I find myself transported to the world of fairytale, romance and fantasy that still appeal to a mature mind.

The fight between Harry and Voldemort represents the conflict between good and evil. It makes me think about the dualities of life. I look forward to a great resolution in the Potter-Voldemort duel and earnestly wish for Harry to succeed in every endeavour. I like this book so much because never before have I read a story this fantastic.

Rowling, indeed, is an able and competent storyteller. With her Harry Potter series, she presents us entertaining tales that are absolutely different from the traditional ones. As I turn the pages of my story book eagerly and move on, it makes me smile, gets me involved and I enter the fantasy world of Harry with his share of problems and disappointments.

I appreciate the enormity of the author’s imagination, humour, direct writing style and clever plot construction. I admire the author for she has been successful in bringing children and grown-ups alike – back into the world of books. In doing so she has weaved a magical web of her own. She has made me her fan, gripping her series as soon as they are sold. Magic always charms me and when I sleep this book under my pillow, it acts as a magic wand and in my dreams I find myself in the land of Harry Potter and the Wizards.