Essay on The Art of Advertising

The Art of Advertising

Advertising is a form of communication that sells a product and tries to influence the mind of the consumer to think about it. There can be no day we do not encounter some or the other form of advertising. Advertising has been prevalent from the early centuries but today, with the rapid progress that technology has made, it is virtually impossible to escape being bombarded by advertisements.

Any business can prosper only when people get to know about it. Any form of relaying information regarding the product falls under advertising. Earlier, pamphlets, and billboards helped in spreading the message. But now advertising is done through print, audiovisual, and outdoor media.

Huge billboards on the road easily attract the attention of people on the street. Buses, autos and taxis also carry posters of products. Even when we are at home, watching our favourite program on television, there are frequent interruptions in the form of commercial breaks. Sales people come to our doorsteps to sell their products. Whenever we open a website, our attention will be diverted by many ads that border the webpage. Even on the mobile phone, commercial text messages are a common occurrence. People have realized the importance of marketing their product and hence rely heavily on advertising to catch the attention of the consumer.

The advertising business has become a huge money churner due to the high revenue the ads generate. Though advertising is primarily a business proposition, it has now evolved into a highly creative field. The seller has a specific idea on how to sell his product but he requires the expertise and knowledge of an advertising agency which creates ad campaigns and designs innovative ways to market his product. The more eye catching , interesting and creative the ad is, the easier it becomes to grasp the attention the viewer.

It is not easy to enumerate the various facets of advertising which has become a multidimensional medium of communication. But we can sum up by saying that advertising is a creative field that has proved to be indispensable to the business world.