Essay on Stress and its Effect on Young People Today

Stress and its Effect on Young People Today

With the advance of technology, the world has become so fast paced that one needs to be constantly on the move to keep up with it. This has resulted in a highly competitive, rapidly evolving society that puts immense pressure on people. Today, the effects of stress can be seen not only on adults but also on adolescents and young children.

The causes of stress are many and is not relegated only to adults. Teenagers and young children too have become prone to stress. While performing well in academics is the biggest concern for most students, living up to their parents’ expectations, adjusting to new environments, withstanding bullying and competing with peers are some of the reasons students are becoming stressed nowadays.

Coupled with grueling study schedules and unforgiving competitive environment, the lives of children are easy prey to stress. Stress affects physical and mental health, causing psychological problems like depression, anger, lack of concentration, and health problems like diabetes, hypertension, insomnia and heart disease, even in youngsters.

In this scenario , stress management plays a key role in controlling the effect of stress on our lives. Youngsters should keep in mind few things to counter stress. Students should be encouraged to spend some time in physical play, as it is the most effective stress buster. Eating the right kind of food and having the required amount of sleep also help in rejuvenating children. Spending quality time with their family and friends is necessary for students to relax.

Time management is also crucial in a student’s life. When they organize and plan their work, they will be relieved from a great amount of stress that is caused when they are not prepared in advance.

Following a few simple steps by changing small details in our day to day activities, we can battle the stress in our lives and emerge healthier and happier.