Essay on Role of Parents in a Family

Role of Parents in a Family

In Indian society, family, parents and values are held in high regard. A close-knit family with children who have been brought up well is considered to be an ideal. Parents have the huge responsibility of inculcating the right values and morals in their children. The role that parents play in a child’s life is incomparable as parenting skills leave an indelible impression on the child’s mind and shape the child’s future.

Parenting concerns both the father and the mother of the family. While love and affection is the core of any relation, mothers and fathers impart values to their children in their own individual and different ways. Each parent is crucial for the overall development of the child. Irrespective of the type of family, whether it is urban or rural, middle or lower class, large or small, there are some inherent characteristics that define a parents’ relation with their child.

Children share the deepest bond with their mothers, right from their journey in the womb. A mother is regarded as the first guru, as the child imbibes the importance of good behaviour, right manners and moral values from the mother. As women are more concerned with the home, children are nurtured, nourished and cared for primarily by their mothers. Mothers are more expressive and loving as a result of which most children communicate better with them.

Fathers too essay an important role in a child’s life. A father gives the feelings of security, stability and confidence to his children. Fathers introduce children to the outside world and do not hesitate to push children beyond established boundaries. Fathers bring a practical viewpoint as opposed to the naturally sentimental approach of mothers. In today’s society , even fathers perform every task that was traditionally done by mothers. Inculcating discipline and punishing errant behaviour has become the prerogative of both the mother and the father.

Parents provide a comfortable and safe environment for a child especially in the growing years. They have only the wellbeing of the child in their mind and their role in a child’s life cannot be fulfilled by any other.