Essay on Role of Education in a Country’s Development

Role of Education in a Country’s Development

The progress a country has made or the global standing that a country has can be judged by its literacy rate and the importance it gives to education. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia which have high literacy rates are also some of the most developed countries in the world.

Education is a window that opens the world to a person. An illiterate who cannot read or write loses every opportunity of knowing the vast wisdom and knowledge that exists in our world.

Illiteracy breeds several ills. If one looks at the severe problems certain countries face, it can be attributed to the lack of educational resources and high number of illiterates. Education is a means to employment and therefore, lack of its leads to rise in unemployment. This in turn increases poverty and lower economic growth of the country. Discontent, corruption, diseases become the unnecessary consequences of the dearth of educational opportunities.

Education helps a person in becoming aware of the surroundings, politics and state of the nation. It will help in reducing illness as people learn the importance of health. It will decrease corruption as people will not be cheated easily. It increases the powers of governance as people become responsible citizens and use their voting power in the right manner. Education imparts knowledge to a man. It also influences him to think rationally and logically. As more people are educated, there is a greater chance of society becoming civilized. Educated persons are able to think on their own which makes them responsible and dutybound to the nation.

Education is not just a medium of imparting knowledge. It is a means to provide opportunities for people to achieve higher goals and upward social mobility. It is a light that dispels ignorance and creates awareness. Therefore, education is the most critical factor in the social, political and economical development of a nation.