Essay on Role of Computers in Scientific Progress

Role of Computers in Scientific Progress

Scientists from the early ages had a passion and zeal to unravel the mysteries of nature and discover hidden truths and facts that would ultimately benefit mankind. The process of discovery or invention however is a lengthy process that requires years and years of research, study, experimentation, collection of proofs, deductions and conclusions. Therefore, the life of a scientist was hard.

As science progressed, the tough process of scientific research did not change much. Years of dedication were still required to make a valid contribution to the field of science. But the lives of scientists became easier with the introduction of a wonderful device, the computer.

Itself a product of science, the computer proved to be a boon to research scientists. With its abundant capacity for storage, scientists did not have the necessary to record data manually. Instead, the computers took care of it. The ability of the computer to perform complex equations and complicated calculations also eased the burden of the scientist. Thus computers reduced the time and effort that consumed the energy of the scientist.

Apart from scientific research , computers now occupy a crucial space in various branches of science. In the field of medicine, computers have helped in accurate diagnosis. Meteorologists use computers to predict climate patterns. Computer simulation which creates an imitation of a real life image or process is another aspect which has helped in science, from medical simulators to automobile and flight simulators. From astronomy to molecular biology to environmental science, computers have become essential for improving the standards of research and helping in the development of science. Scientists are increasingly depending on computers for simplifying their tasks – whether it is studying the atom, simulating astronomical events or exploring outer space. As science develops further, the presence of computers will become indispensable.

The coming decades will see the increased impact of computers on our lives and any further progress in science will be made possibly only with their help.