Essay on Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

In a world where natural resources are fast depleting, it is essential that man comes up with innovative methods to create resources. Reuse of materials not only helps man but also the environment. As water resources are drying up, the method of rain water harvesting helps in conservation and reuse of rain water.

Rain water is often a good source of water as it is natural. Most of it is left to go into the ground. However, when rain water is trapped and stored for our use, the method is known as rain water harvesting. There are many uses of rain water harvesting. The water can be treated and used to provide drinking water. The advantage of rain water harvesting is the low cost of construction of these systems.

A rain water system generally collects the water from the roof of a house or a building, from where it is sent to a storage tank through pipes. The first flow of rain carried with it debris and dirt and hence should be left unused or pored into soil. The relatively cleaner water in the storage tank is sent into a sump or a concrete tank that is constructed underground. This water is then connected through a motor which pumps the water up whenever it is needed. The sump can also have an external valve which can release some amount of water into the soil in order to increase the groundwater level. Highly advanced water purifying systems facilitate the purification of water and convert it into safe drinking water. But one should be careful to analyse and treat water properly before consumption.

The rain water need not only be used for the purpose of drinking. As most of the rain water main contain impurities, it can be put to use in other household chores like cleaning floors, washing clothes, watering the plants or cleaning vehicles. Rain water harvesting is also greatly helpful in the agricultural sector. It can be used efficiently for irrigation and agricultural sector. It can be used efficiently for irrigation and providing water to livestock.

Rain water harvesting is an economical and effective way for us to combat the lack of water resources. It is up to us for conserving them.