Essay on National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Corps

An organisation aiming to inculcate discipline and train the youth of India, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) has bee grooming the future citizens of the country since many years. Tracing its origins during the British regime in the pre-independence period, the NCC was initially formed to create a pool of trained youth that could supplement the shortage in the army. Gradually, the organisation transformed to become a Tri-Services Organisation which comprises the Army , the Navy and the Air Force.

Post independence, a need to organize the students in schools and colleges on a national level was  recognized, which led to the passing of the National Cadet Corps Act. The NCC came into existence on July 15th 1948. The Girls Division, the Air Wing and the Naval Wing were organised within a couple of years, thus effecting the complete representation of the armed forces in the corps.

The NCC recruits students from schools, colleges and universities on a voluntary basis. The students are engaged in all round development of skills, by getting trained in basic military and physical fitness activities. The training activities of the NCC comprise community development tasks like tree plantation, blood donation, sanitation drives and disaster management. Adventurous training like mountaineering, rock climbing, parasailing, trekking and rafting make the cadets courageous and sportive. Training in educational institutions include drills, introduction to small firearms and certificate exams that can create eligibility for joining the armed forces.

The headquarters of the NCC is located in New Delhi and the organization is headed by the Director General. Two training institutions, called the NCC Officers Training Academy (OTA), are present in the country which offer courses to officers who are selected to train students in the NCC. They are located in Kamptee and Gwalior. The successful implementation of the NCC has seen the number of cadets reaching 13 lakhs presently.

NCC is a unique programme that instills noble qualities like fearlessness, selflessness and patriotism in the youth of India. NCC prepares the youth not only for their future but also for the future of the nation.