Essay on My School

My School

Every child spends a major part of his or her life in the school. When the school provides the child with a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment, it has a positive impact on the child’s life. In this respect, I consider myself very lucky to be a student of Little Scholars School. My school is a great place where I get a chance to learn, grow and have fun.

My school has a huge campus with trees planted everywhere. There is a big playground in the middle of the campus, which is the favourite spot for all the students. This is because the playground consists of a tennis court, a basketball court and a football court. The sports period is the time to indulge in many physical activities. We also have many indoor sports, like carrom and chess, in the games room.

Our classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. The library stocks a wide range of books that cater to all needs. Apart from a library period, we also have a class for extracurricular activities such as singing, painting and dancing. These activities help up develop a well-rounded personality.

Our school also takes price for participating in and winning several interschool events, whether they are sports, arts or literary competitions. Debates, elocutions, group discussions are also conducted regularly. School Day, Independence Day, Republic Day and Sports Day are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

The most important part of school life however is the influence of teachers and friends. I have been fortunate to have studied under the best teachers, who have left an indelible impression in my mind. Classmates too play an important role and I am proud of all my friends who encourage and help each other. We share a healthy competition and inspire one another.

In short, the years spent in school make a great impact on the child. The discipline, rules and learning that a school inculcates goes a long way in personality development. My school too has taught me a lot. It is a place I love to be. I will always cherish my school days at Little Scholars.