Essay on My Hobby

My Hobby

Hobbies are the best recourse in our leisure hours. Hobbies give us respite in our humdrum existence. They have a very important role in shaping our attitude towards life, for they depict our choices, inclinations and tastes. Different people have different hobbies, like gardening, philately, travelling, painting etc. which have considerable influence in their daily lives. My hobby is photography.

At the age of twelve I received a camera as a birthday gift from my grandmother. I was so overjoyed that I immediately started experimenting with it. From the first click after I pressed the shutter, I instantly developed a liking for photography. I have always appreciated drawings and paintings, but since I am not good at these, taking pictures does the magic for me. Through photography, I can express my deepest personal feelings and unlock the artist in me.

The result of indulging in such an interest as photography is sheer pleasure and relaxation. Whenever I go to my friends’ birthday parties or any other gatherings, I take my camera along with me and love to click snaps of my friends and other people. But I don’t like to restrict myself and enjoy clicking everything – nature, architecture, animals, everything. I am fascinated by the way mundane things get transformed into larger than life images through my camera. It is like freezing time – a moment, an emotion for posterity.

Through the years I have developed more and more interest in photography. The world looks different through my viewfinder and that is an amazing experience. To be a good photographer, I needed to have a lot of training and guidance. So I attended a few short courses to improve my photographic skills. I also started following the works of great photographers like Hardev Singh, Prabuddha Dasgupta and Atul Kasbekar. That let me to develop an even greater fascination for photography.

Whenever I travel, I try to capture some spectacular shots. Over the years, I have build up quite a collection of beautiful sunsets, the vast expanses of azure skies and hills that are hauntingly beautiful. Sometimes I even take a fancy for uncommon subjects, like a puny beetle in the middle of a road or a weird thorny bush.

Through my photography, I can capture the beauty of a green strand of grass on which a ray of sunshine has fallen to make it resplendent, the tall coconut tree with its magnificent height, a moment of familiar warmth with friends meet, the special occasions of familial togetherness, the instances of pure ecstasy when children play and the smiles that mean so much.

Photographs can capture everything in its natural form but also ends up elevating it. Often a single photograph can tell us more than a few hundred words article. Today, photography has grown from being just a hobby to a full-fledged profession. Anything, from newspapers, educational books, journals, magazines, research papers, to the Internet, would he highly uninteresting without the bright, informative, eye-catching photographs.

Photography is fulfilling a career option for creative minds and I often have an urge to make it my profession. I am really keen to be a good photographer. After doing an internship with a reputed photographer, I plan to buy an advanced DSLR camera with high zoom lenses.

With the help of the lenses one can capture long range photos. My hobby gives me leisure, pleasure and mental refreshment. Scenes of children playing in the rain, a butterfly sucking honey from a flower, a cluster or birds flying, a beautiful sunrise and fallen leaves of spring – nothing has escaped my camera. When on holiday, I sometimes, wander about searching for a good subject that appeals to me. When my friends and relatives visit my house, I feel very proud to show them my album.

My hobby has become a part and parcel of my life. I find immense pleasure in capturing the physical world! Photography keeps my mind and body occupied when I am free and keeps boredom at bay. It adds colour and zest to my life. Through it I fulfil my urge to express my deepest personal feelings and preserve wonderful memories forever. It keeps me so occupied that I never fall prey to ‘an ideal mind is the devil’s workshop’.