Essay on My Favourite TV Program

My Favourite TV Program

Television today not only provides information, but is a source of entertainment too. I watch various T.V. shows during my spare time for to relax and unwind. I like to watch comedies, game shows, Cartoon Network and National Geographic channels that provide me entertainment and increases my knowledge.

Out of all the programs that I love to watch, the Tom and Jerry show on Cartoon Network is my favourite.

Tom and Jerry is a very popular cartoon show and it has an eternal appeal to millions of people around the globe. It depicts the misadventures of a grey coloured, short haired cat Tom and a small, brown coloured mouse Jerry.

The show comes on at 6 p.m. every day in India. It is an American animated cartoon series created by William Hannah and Joseph Barbara. Cartoon is an animated illustration of any character, an animal or a person, and generally involves a comic plot with a funny storyline. Tom and Jerry is a show in the genre of slapstick comedy.

The storyline is based inside a house whose owner has a pet cat named Tom. In that house, there dwells a mouse named Jerry. The short animation episodes are based on Tom trying to catch Jerry but ending up being bested by him every time. There are always a lot of messes that take place during the chase and Tom never ever succeeds.

Though it is only about a cat and a mouse, a household bulldog named Spike and his son make frequent cameo appearances. Certain side characters, like Jerry’s cousin and Tom’s roadside cat friends, also appear occasionally. Though Jerry is prone to provoke Tom, they still display a great deal of friendship when a third party comes to interfere. Every day we see Tom and Jerry, the same characters, but with a different cat and mouse gag each time.

Every episode has its own plot and is quite independent of the other. The show generally does not follow a linear narrative. The first released episode of Tom and Jerry was ‘Puss Gets The Boot’, which was shown in theatres in 1940. It was the first cartoon to get nominated for an Academy Award. After this cartoon was shown on television in the United States, it became extremely popular and soon became famous in other countries like China, United Kingdom, Argentina, India and Brazil.

This cartoon show has been may favourite since my childhood days and will forever remain so. It always amuses and entertains me. My favourite character is, of course, Jerry. Although he is a trickster, he is really cute and what a daredevil he is! He is always sly and cleverer than Tom.

As the Tom and Jerry show starts, I curl up on the couch with a bag of chips and popcorn to watch it gleefully. I never miss a single episode except the day before I have some test. The dueling duo is very interesting and adventurous.

Though there are a few violent scenarios in the episodes, like Jerry blowing up Tom with a bomb or Tom attempting to eat Jerry, they are not depicted violently. Rather they become funny due to the music and the visual effects that are involved in the cartoon. The violence is very mild and humorous.

Unlike modern shows, the music there is played by real instruments such as piano, violin, bass and more. The most interesting thing is that there is no verbal communication , yet children just love to watch this show. Music that has replaced verbal communication runs fluently through this cartoon. This show has always been my all-time favourite.

The endless cat and mouse chase provides me with many hours of fun and entertainment. Every time Tom tries to catch Jerry, I wait eagerly for Jerry to outsmart him. Lots of funny situations in the episodes always amuses me and makes me smile. Though speechless actions of Tom and Jerry with small fun activities connect children’s emotions with their childish imagination, most adults also enjoy this entertaining cartoon show.

I find this show to be my favourite because it is an animated one and I love animation.

We are accustomed to think of a T.V character being played by a human actor, but an animated T.V character generally excites the imagination more. The animators have to squeeze the characters, feelings and actions into their drawing and this is what interests me so much. Hats off to Hannah and Barbara who created the cat and mouse team, Tom and jerry.