Essay on My Favourite Profession

My Favourite Profession

As a student, one has many dreams of what to become in the future. When one is young, there are many avenues that are open to explore – engineering, medicine, management , software and so on. Though I do not have a definite idea on what I should pursue or should become in the future, I have always liked one profession above the rest – Doctor.

When I was a child, the sight or sound of a doctor was enough to send shivers down my spine. Doctors then remined me of injections, sour-tasting medicine and pain-inducting tests. But as I grew up, I began to realize what a noble profession it is.

Doctors are hardworking. They are patient and calm even in times of crisis. A doctor not only has to have a great knowledge of medicine but also has to be a great human being who can understand a sympathize with others’ troubles. They do not have regular working hours. I have seen many doctors who are called in the middle of the night for emergencies. They may have a social life but it is their profession that is their first priority.

A doctor does not just treat a disease or cure an illness. These men and women give a lot of support, encouragement and strength to their patients. Whether it is a gynecologist who helps deliver babies or a heart surgeon who can restore the functioning of a weak heart, doctors are people who help us immensely in our lives. We trust them as much as we trust our own kin. Doctors thus have a huge responsibility and therefore it is not an easy profession to be in.

In spite of the difficulties, the tragedies and pain they encounter every day and the unforgiving nature of their job, many doctors still retain a clam exterior and put their patients’ fears to rest by listening to their troubles and cares. It is a job that not only requires intelligence and physical stamina but also, most importantly, humanity. It is indeed a profession to be proud of.