Essay on My Favourite Picnic

My Favourite Picnic

Every year, each class in our school is taken out for picnic, which is an event that all of us wait for. We have been to the museum, a heritage site and an amusement park. But my favourite picnic remains our trip to the zoo.

The day of the picnic dawned. None of us arrived late at the school that day. As soon as we got on the bus, there was loud cheering and the teachers did not mind it at all. We sang songs and played games as the bus made its way to the zoo.

Once we arrived at the zoo, our teachers too out our tickets. We started to walk in twos and threes , and soon there were shouts of joy and delight on sighting three tall giraffes, a gigantic hippopotamus and a horde of elephants. It was wonderful seeing all those animals in front of our eyes and at such proximity. There were deers, a huge variety of birds, monkeys and chimpanzees. We were also amazed to see the reptiles section, where we saw big snakes like the cobra and the viper and many crocodiles and alligators.

When it was nearly noon, we opened our lunch boxes and had a wonderful time sharing and eating the special lunches that our mothers had made. after we had our fil, the teachers took us to a safari. All of us sat in a van that had meshed windows and we were taken on a long ride through areas that housed bears, tigers and lions which had been left to roam freely. This was the highlight of our picnic as many of these wild animals came near the van and looked at us inquisitively. While some of my classmates got scared, I really enjoyed watching the animals at such close quarters. When the safari ended, it was time to board the bus for the return journey.

Though we were exhausted, we were utterly happy and satisfied with out trip. There will be many more picnics in the years to come but I will never forget my trip to the zoo that gave me the experience of almost being in the wild.