Essay on My Favourite Game

From my early childhood, I have possessed a zest for games. I enjoy indoor games and also have a prevailing passion for outdoor sports. I play many games such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton, but the game I like most is cricket. I have a great appreciation and inclination for this game which is rightly called ‘The King of Games’.

I was initiated into this game at an early age by my elder brother who is a great cricket enthusiast and a good player too. I play with my friends in the evening in the field opposite to my house. I not only play this game, but also have keen interest as a spectator. There is hardly any other game which I find so fascinating.

This game is played in a field that has well rolled pitch in the centre. A pair of wickets are put up on each end of the pitch, twenty two yards apart from each other. Each has three stumps with bails on top. A bowling crease and a hopping crease are marked at either end.

The game is played between two sides, each having eleven players. If the side, which wins the toss, bats first, the other side takes to field and places different players at different positions, such as Third Man, Third Slip, Second Slip, First Slip, Long Leg, Wicket Keep Point, Cover Point, Mid Off and Mid On.

The batting side sends only two players to the wicket – one is the batsman and the other is his running mate. Two umpires are engaged to watch over the game and ensure fair play. The bowler bowls the ball to the batsman from the other end of the pitch. If the batsman hits it, runs to the other wicket exchanging place with his partner, he scores a run. A boundary fetches four runs and it’s a six if the ball crosses the boundary without dropping.

A batsman may lose the wicket by being ‘bowled out’, ‘stumped out’, ‘LBW’, ‘hit wicket’, or ‘catch’. After the players finish their allotted numbers of overs, the roles are reversed and the other side turns up for batting. The side that score more runs than the other wins the game.

Cricket is a very popular game, especially in India. In recent years, one day international, limited overs game have become very popular. The five days duration test matches that were preferred formerly, is on the decline, as nowadays one day Cricket provides much more fun, thrill, sensation and enjoyment to the spectators in a short duration. I myself like cricket very much because it is an open air game played in a very wide field and helps in developing my skills of cooperation, team spirit, hard work and fair play.

I also greatly benefit in health, endurance, strength and sportsmanship. To me , cricket is the most pleasant amusement in which a person can spend his leisure hours. Besides the development of physical excellence, no better game could be devised for the training of the will and intellect.

That’s why it is rightly known as ‘A gentleman’s game’. In fact, many famous English mathematicians were avid practitioners of this game. The umpire, whose decision is final in all matters that arise in the course of the game, inspire an orderly spirit among the players. The umpires are there to ensure judicial impartiality. By playing cricket, a player’s hands and their grip get stronger, eyesight keener and stamina, a good deal better.

The game also helps to build character and brings out the quality of leadership. The Captains of the two teams have very important roles to play. Besides their own performance, they have to strategize about the game, think about the whole team and inspire them.

I really like cricket, as this challenging and dignified game is certainly one of the healthiest of sports. Icons, such as Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli, are real stalwarts and are idolized throughout the nation. They have a huge influence on me an continue to inspire me. It is my dream to become a good cricketer, as I love this game with all my heart and soul.